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 I am using Chrome/Firefox, and suddenly I can no longer stream.
Article Chrome and Firefox has recently updated their browser to block by default anything that uses Flash. Our system has a Flash Player, then falls back to an HTML5 Player. As HTML5 becomes more popular we will reverse that so HTML5 will be the default player

In Firefox, there is an Information icon next to the web URL in the location bar. While on a video page it may be lit up. If you click this icon, it will ask you to give permission to allow Flash to be used. For some reason, you may need to go into Firefox or Chrome settings and set permissions to allow Flash to be used on some video sites.

This fix usually works, but you need to re-install Flash on your system. Simply go https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ (Make sure to uncheck any of their optional offers!!)

Firefox will often just automatically update the Flash plugin, with a new setting that deactivates Flash on web pages, and you may not even need to reinstall. There is a teeny tiny ' ! ' next to a lock symbol to the left of the URL web location bar. If you click it, a pop up will come up asking if you want to activate Flash on this website. I would select "Allow and Remember"

If that doesn't fix the issue, at least you will have the most updated version of Flash on your system.

Ideally, the system should try Flash, and if that doesn't work, it will use the HTML5 player (That player is used on most mobile devices, while home computer browsers are playing catch up.) We do have an HMTL5 player, but for whatever reason, if it fails on Flash, then Chrome gives up looking for the next available player, which is HTML5. So we do have this setup so Chrome should see Flash, if it fails to load it is supposed to skip over to HTML5. But it doesn't always work.

For Chrome you might have to dig a little deeper into the Setting menu. You can edit the what Chrome block settings:

In Chrome, copy and past this URL into the URL area of your web browser: chrome://settings/content?search=flash

You should see a yellow highlight showing you " flash "

There you can add an exception.

Add an exception for https://www.chaosmen.com

Restart the browser.

You may be experiencing this issues on other sites with Flash based video. You can always turn off the blocking of all Flash by Allowing Flash and set it to " do not ask. "

Another solution, is to try the site with another browser. Other browsers work fine and if you need more help with Chrome I am happy to walk you through via a remote desktop. Google is just being a little heavy handed in trying to kill the use of Flash on the internet.

HTML5 browsers are the next wave of players, and Chrome is hoping to push users away from Flash. Most phones currently use the HTML5 so it is possible. One option we are considering is having the site load an HTML5 player first instead of the Flash, but fear other browsers like Firefox, Edge, Explorer, and Safari, may not be ready for a forced change to HTML5. Not to mention, many users are quite bad at keeping their browsers current.

So please be patient during this switch over, and we would be more than happy to get you back up and streaming if these solutions fail. Create a trouble ticket and we will give you some hands on attention! ;-)

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