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 Problems Getting to the AEBN Servers

If you get a dialog box that says "Server Not Found" when attempting to download a movie and showing your IP, you may have your Privacy tab on your browser set too high. Cookies MUST be enabled in order to use this site.

Also, Intenet Security Software (Firewall, Anti-Spyware, AV software) will also stop you from being redirected to the video server as well as the AEBN feeds.

AEBN suggests temporarily disabling your Internet Security Software, and this usually works like a charm, but leaves you open for maliscious activity.

If you don't want to disable your security software completley, here are some general directions to add specific sites to an "allowed" list.

There are a LOT of Internet Security Software packages out there, but Norton seems to have the market. They seem to change their interface with every version, so the steps may not be exactly the same, but it should be close!

Getting Started:

    Double Click on Norton icon in the lower right hand corner on the Start bar by the system clock

    A System Status box will come up.

    The area we need to edit is the Privacy Control setting.

    Click Privacy Control and to the right it will have a configure button. Click the Configure button.

    It will now display the Privacy Control area. Hopefully you have it set to Medium.

    There should be an Advanced button. Click it and it will have a list of websites.

    At the bottom of the list click Add Site.

    I would do three of them: www.chaosmen.com, downloads.chaosmen.com , and one for contentfeed.aebn.net

    Start by adding in www.chaosmen.com. Click OK

    Then on the right side it has Global Settings. Uncheck USE default settings on all 5 areas and select permit.

    Under the User Settings Tab. Do the same. Uncheck all boxes and select permit.

    Then click ok.

    Now do the same for downloads.chaosmen.com and contentfeed.aebn.net so you dont have to turn off internet security for it also.

Once done, you should close your browser all the way, re-open and log in to chaosmen.com again. Try the AEBN feeds first. See if they now work with the Norton Internet Security Enabled.. if not, then you might need to go back to NIS and double check the privacy setting for the site and make sure you unchecked everything, and that site URLS were added properly

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