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After creating a Trouble Ticket, you can setup a SUPPORT ACCOUNT and check back on its progress OR you can simply reply back to emails that you will get from ChaosMen.


    1. Click 'Submit a Ticket' located below.
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You will receive a confirmation in 10 minutes or less.

To update your ticket just REPLY TO the email you get from us.

Please note that the Support Desk is not manned 24-Hours-a-Day. We try to get back as quickly as possible, so we appreciate your patience.

You can create a Support Desk account here, then login and view updated tickets. This is helpful is your email program is putting our responses to you in your Junk Mail. Or, you just reply back to emails once you have started a ticket.

Please check your Spam/Junk box for emails from chaosmen.com, as they often will be sent there since it is coming from an adult website.


 Unable to Login - Brand New Member
Article If you JUST joined the site, and you find that your username and password isn't working, it could be that CCBill had troubles adding the username and password to the site.

"Instant Access" isn't always so instant these days what with so much spam flying about, servers being hacked, and just overall traffic jams.

So if  you just joined the site, then tried to enter with what you are SURE is your correct username and password, chances are CCBill is taking up to 3-4 minutes to add your account info. They will keep trying until it is added.  They have never once failed to add a username and password.

In the interim, since  you tried entering your username and password that didn't exist more than three times, ChaosMen's security has blocked your IP address for 30 minutes, because it thinks you are  robot guessing usernames and passwords.  It is a little ironic because usually a few minutes after you got yourself blocked, CCBill added the username/password, but security isn't quite smart enough to know to release the temporary block.

You can email me and I can try to release the block, but chances are, by the time I read your email, the 30 minute block has been removed.

In the future, if you join a site, and the username and password don't work immediately, pause for five minutes then try again. Give the servers time to sync up and talk to each other.

The simplest solution is to verify via the email receipt that CCBill sent you that you are indeed getting your information in correctly (both are case-sensitive). Then wait 30 or so minutes and try again, copying and pasting your username to be absolutely sure you are getting it correct.

If you continue to have login issues, please email me directly at bryan@chaosmen.com.

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