I want to rejoin, but it will not let me use my previous user name.

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Created On: 07 Jul 2017 7:29 AM

Answer Because our site allows you to store Viewer History, Favorites, Ratings, etc, it is very protective of having duplicated usernames.

Unfortunately, it does not realize when a username has lapsed, and when you try to rejoin with that same login, it says it has already been taken.

We have two solutions to this rather irritating problem.

Many members try to rejoin at the $19.95 rate or the Annual rate, currently on Sale for $119.95.

First Solution:
Attempt to rejoin with same username and password. You do need to know your older username and password to do this:

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Or click here if you would like to rejoin with all Standard Join Options.

Second Solution:
Don't remember your login? Simply sign-up with a slightly different username by adding a random number to the end of it. You can then email support to have us change it back to the username you used previously. Please supply us with the new username and email address you signed up with.