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Start Age: 21   Debuted: December 26, 2017   Height: 5'11"   Weight: 155 lbs   Cock: 7.5" Uncut


Angel is one sexy dude! He has a very cool, Bohemian vibe, and is easy to chat with. He lives in a very queer friendly environment, and I feel like he is more mature than most 21-year-olds.

He is mix of Asian and Latin, giving him a beautiful unique look. He also has a perfectly straight 7.5-inch uncut cock that looks tasty.

He says he is more of Top, but he enjoys bottoming on occasion.

Angel likes a diverse range of guys, including mature 'daddy' types.

He is a dancer, and is comfortable being in front of a live audience, so doing this solo video was not stressful at all.

When I hover over the models with the camera, it can go one of two ways. Models lose site of the TV with porn playing and can go soft, while others will get harder having a warm body near them. Angel is a little wobbly to start with, but once I move in with the camera, his cock gets super hard.

Angel has a great cum shot, and is eager to show-off his skills in bed.

Stay tuned!


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