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Start Age: 19   Debuted: October 22, 2017   Height: 5'7"   Weight: 150 lbs   Cock: 7.5" Uncut


While Camillo has a tasty and hot uncut 7.5-inch cock, many will complain he might not measure up for Monster Cock week. Well, just hold on a few days.

Camillo loves to bottom, and the bigger the better. So I knew I had to introduce him, and 7.5-inches is respectable size on this hot Latin dude. He is into a little kink, which I would summarize as being tied-up, dominated, and 'daddied'.

For this video, he strokes his cock like a pro, and gives us a hint of how much he loves anal stimulation by using a butt plug to cum. What a load too!

This is a hot solo, but he will back on Halloween for a one of the hottest videos of the year! You are 'bound' to love it!


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