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Start Age: 18   Debuted: September 18, 2017   Height: 6'8"   Weight: 200 lbs   Cock: 7" Uncut


I guess the most obvious thing about Jayme is his amazing height. At 6'8" I think he is the tallest ChaosMen model. I didn't even ask him about playing basketball, for fear of getting an eye-roll for asking a question he must hear 3 times a day.

He does have a girlfriend who is not too sure about him doing gay porn, but it sounds like she eventually said it was ok, as long as no other girls were involved.

Jayme is straight and only has had one experience with a Bi friend where they got a high and one thing led to the other. Sounds like they swapped oral, and he fucked him a bit, but it was brief but 'interesting'. He said he'd be down with playing with guys, as long as they were not taller than him. Very unlikely!

He is a bit nervous during this video, but does jerk his cock to its full 7-inch mass quite easily. Once up, he is more confident and likes to watch himself on the cameras. Occasionally I had to turn some audio on of the girl noisily get banged on the video that I had playing for him. That got him hard again very quickly.

Jayme has been with his girl awhile and rarely finds time to sit and watch porn, so it was great having a guy on set who hasn't binged on free porn to the point that he no longer finds anything stimulating.

I'd like to get him back to at least swap some oral and see if maybe he will suck back.


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