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Start Age: 33   Debuted: August 21, 2017   Height: 6'2"   Weight: 160 lbs   Cock: 8" Cut


Cayden is a local guy that I think was referred by a friend of an online friend. He sent over some pics of his long lean body and his long veiny cock and I was eager to get him into the studio.

He was very excited to do the shoot, saying that he was a natural exhibitionist.

True to his word, he was hard the moment his clothes would slide off. Even during the video, he slides his shorts off, and it only takes about 30 seconds to get his cock at attention.

Cayden sounds like a versatile guy, preferring lately to Top, but spent his younger years being mostly a Bottom. With his big cock, he has since discovered a lot of guys love to sit on it.

He loves to tease his cock head, and will pump out some precum whenever he can.

Since he is so versatile and easy going, I am definitely going to have him back to play with other guys!


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