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Kevin Reed


Start Age: 25   Debuted: June 26, 2017   Height: 5'7"   Weight: 145 lbs   Cock: 7" Cut


Kevin has done a couple solos, but still was a little nervous. But only until the interview started. He was actually very calm and self-assured, and I think plays really well to the audience.

He is Bi, but seems to be leaning more to dudes. He loves to suck dick, and the bigger the better. Sexually, Kevin says he is versatile, but he sounds more like a Top. He might want to suck on a big cock, but sitting on them is not a skill he has mastered, though not for lack of trying apparently.

Kevin gets his cock hard quickly, and for a little guy, he has a nice stiff 7-inch rod. Big plump head too!

He strokes slowly and sensually, teasing that cock head very briefly.

His ass is super hairy, but he is great at showing off his hole, inviting us to cum lick it.

Kevin unloads a huge stream of cum that covers his torso. A huge river of cum slides down the side of his body, dripping onto the bedspread.

I like this guy, and I think he will do great swapping head with a buddy!


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