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Start Age: 24   Debuted: May 29, 2017   Height: 5'9"   Weight: 160 lbs   Cock: 8" Cut


I received some poor selfie images of Timmy when he applied, so I didn't really know what to expect when he arrived at the studio. He was somewhat local, so I took a chance to meet with him first. I could tell he had a nice build, and his cock looked a decent size too, but the photos were very poorly lit.

Timmy is a hard worker also, so we tried several times to find a weekend he would have some time to shoot a couple videos. We finally found a free weekend and thankfully by then his pubes were mostly back.

I was super pleased when I met him. Great smile, beautiful eyes, and a hot 'twink' build. He brought some underwear for the shoot with baggy cock pouches in the front to which he assured me he could fill them out while soft. He is a show'r and a grow'r!

I thought he was a straight guy, but he says he is very evenly split between liking guys and girls. He watched straight porn for the photos and a gay one for the video. His cock is massive while soft and gets up to nearly 8-inches when he is fully hard.

He says he has done it all, but is more of Top in bed.

He loved showing-off for the camera and his solo is amazing.

I can't wait to show his blow-job video next week!


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