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Labor Day Sale! $4 for 4-Days of Streaming


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Start Age: 27   Debuted: February 13, 2017   Height: 5'11"   Weight: 205 lbs   Cock: 7" Cut


Barton has only been Out a couple years. He said he was a late bloomer, which would have been when he was 25, so it doesn't seem that late to me. Of course, it seems guys come out much younger now, so perhaps 25 would be considered 'late' these days.

He does have a calm, masculine vibe. Barton is down for anything, even a little kink or bondage. I think he is a versatile Top, with more focus on being a Top. He also grew his body hair out for us, which I think makes this young Daddy type even hotter.

Originally from Texas, he is now more of Rocky Mountain Boy. Barton lives where there is not a lot of opportunity to find a boyfriend, much less a random hook-up. So he is looking forward to being paired with some hot ChaosMen dudes.

He is a model that I definitely want to get back and have on the team. His solo is great, and next week you get to see his hot and sexy energy!


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