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Start Age: 24   Debuted: June 6, 2016   Height: 6'   Weight: 175 lbs   Cock: 8.5" Uncut


Gerard has done a solo before, so he is not totally new to doing video work. He was relaxed and ready to go!

He is 25, mixed-heritage, and has amazing body with a 8.5" cock. Gerard is bi, but is married, and I think he mentioned his wife was also bi. Not a lot of jealousy in that house. Lots of sharing!

He leans towards women, but he definitely has a thing for hung Latin guys. He is an ass man when it comes to both men and women, and though he says he likes the guys hung, he is all about fucking their asses. He has tried bottoming, but has never had the epiphany where it felt good.

Gerard has a great smile, and hot dirty-boy energy. He doesn't wear deodorant, so for you guys that like musky dudes, he smells great. For those of you who don't like them fragrant, no fear, he cleans up nicely, and it is not overpowering. But filming this video, I definitely was getting full-tilt pheromones!

I wanted to see what his cock looked like shoved into a FleshJack , and he fills that cup all the way up, and practically hits bottom!

The toy really turned him on, a couple times he had to stop or risk cumming.

Since he was so close to nutting every time he fucked it, I thought we would see if he could use it right up to the last second, and sure enough he cums from fucking the toy!

Hmmm…now let's see if he can do that to someone's throat!

Stay tuned next week to see! (Spoiler! He can!)


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