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Start Age: 22   Debuted: June 15, 2015   Height: 5'10"   Weight: 160 lbs   Cock: 6" Cut


Aubrey came in last minute, and I really didn't get a chance to get to know him too much. His submission photos made him look like a brunette, but in person, he is much more of a red head. Gonna put him in the Ginger category!

He came in with his boyfriend, who was also interested in doing some video work. But Aubrey was the one spear-heading their porn adventure and he was the one ready to play. Pretty sure the boyfriend will back, but his pubes were a little short, so going to wait a week or two. Overall, it was really productive day!

Aubrey says he is into mature guys, and though he says he is versatile, I think he leans more to the Bottom end of things.

He is a little unsure where to look or what to do for the solo, but once it is all about showing his ass, he really go into it! His boyfriend had shaved his hole, which I am not all that keen on, but I have to say they did a great job and there is no skin irritation.

He strokes his cock super-fast, and relies on some anal play get over the top!


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