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Start Age: 22   Debuted: February 23, 2015   Height: 5'9"   Weight: 160 lbs   Cock: 6" Cut


Lorenzo is a hot mixed-heritage guy. There is a touch Caucasian, some Puerto Rican and a little Middle-eastern in his genetic cocktail. He has a rockin' body, and I could tell by his initial images he was very hairy, so advised him to let it grow out. The battle against his natural hairiness was lost and it was time to embrace it!

Clearly he works hard on his body, so he was worried the chest hair would hide it. I dunno, I don't think you can hide his super fit physique!

Love his hairy bush and armpits! Sniffffff!

Lorenzo is a very friendly guy, easy to smile, and we clicked personality-wise.

He play on Team Gay, but has a few non-stereotypical traits, like an obsessive following of sports, particularly professional basketball. Lots of checking scores and making sure he was able to watch a good game coming up that evening.

Lorenzo is a versatile Top. You can tell just by the way he works his cock. He will bottom, and mentioned that he had been wanting to get fucked more often after a recent really good experience. But my best guess is he will likely be a more dominant top.

There is a little OutTake at the end. There were some vibes going on, but he still took me by surprise, and his questions seemed so earnest, so I left it in there. Hope you find it cute too!

Lorenzo will be back next week to work with Noah and it is super hot. He also has joined Team Chaos, so will be back for more work.


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