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$4 for 4 Days of Streaming!!
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Start Age: 26   Debuted: October 30, 2014   Height: 5'9"   Weight: 160 lbs   Cock: 7.5" Cut


Pax is equal parts adorable and sexy. He is very calm, mature, and super polite.

It surprised me, because to me, he looks so much younger. At 26 he already has a vibe about him that is relaxed and professional. He was married very young, and has a 7-year-old son, so has the maturity of someone in their 30's. He is quite nice to be around!

He isn't much of a talker. Not saying he is shy. He is well-spoke and succinct, and when you converse with him, you quickly realize he has his shit together.

He has had some guy-guy experience. He has had one guy, that sounds like they were fuck buddies for a year, and one guy he just saw one time. It all sounded very one-sided. Like he got his cock sucked and he fucked him. He never even sucked back. He said the guys were feminine and he liked that.

He has a hot body on him, with a super thick long cock. Not sure if the tattoo is his ex-wife's name, but as you find out in his solo, it seems to be a target for a lot of his cum!

We will see how he does next week, when Pax gets head from Griffin!


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