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Start Age: 22   Debuted: January 28, 2013   Height: 5'8"   Weight: 165 lbs   Cock: 6.5" Cut


Brant is a former military guy who had been told that with his red hair and extra large package he should be doing porn. I agree!

Fans of Gingers are vocal and always eager to see them on the site, and with Delaney being very popular, I was eager to have him in. I of course had to wait for him to grow the carpet back in.

He is a little quiet during the solo, but his cock is rock solid, and he does like engaging the cameras/audience.  He goes erect almost immediately. His dick is so straight it is uncanny and could likely be used as a ruler, while his red pubes frame it perfectly.

Brant is not shy about showing-off his ass.  I  think guys that have their asses licked or played with in their private lives, aren't as reticent about showing it off to us on film.   No shame here!

His skin is super white, and it is a bit hard to see the giant load he unleashes, but he literally coats himself.

He is down for an Edge video, without all the fantasy stuff :-( but I think it will be hot to see him all tied up and made to cum.  Not sure if he will be back for full-sex, but I would love to put him with Delaney for a total Gingerfest!  I will certainly try!


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