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Shane Thompson


Start Age: 19   Debuted: November 25, 2012   Height: 5'10"   Weight: 135 lbs   Cock: 6" Cut


I think Shane weighs a buck 135 at the most. He is one lean guy! But he is a GINGER! So I am hoping fans of flaming pubes will be happy.

Shane was pretty nervous for the photos and solo, but his dick didn't seem to be as scared.  His eyes are pretty much everywhere, especially on the big-bootied girl I had playing for him. I have to admit, she had some crazy skills.

He is a somewhat local guy, and drove in, so I didn't get as much time to chat with him to find out much about him. He is in school, paying off legal fees, and generally trying to get by.

Shane has a girlfriend, who likes to have sex often, so he had to hold off a couple days for this shoot, without having her raise an eyebrow.  Glad he did hold out, what a fountain of cum on this guy!

That's it, I am starting a new stereotype after working with them, but I think Gingers shoot gobs more cum than others.

I believe this demands research. Everyone get your clipboards, pens, measuring cups at the ready, and get out there!

And if you swallow, you will just have to get another sample!


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