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Start Age: 20   Debuted: February 21, 2011   Height: 5'7"   Weight: 170 lbs   Cock: 7" Cut


Let's hear it for some more fire bush!

Joel is not really a strawberry blond on his head, but he sure does have some red pubes, so fans of the ginger crotch hair will be very happy.

Joel is a confident guy, and LOVES to show off. He took to being filmed like a duck to water.

In fact, every time he went to take his clothes off, his dick would perk up, loving the attention or the opportunity to play.

He likes the ladies, and says he doesn't jack-off too often because his roommates are on the football team and there are always "extra" girls around. He's done some small orgies and is comfortable around other guys, but not interacting with them.

It always makes me nervous when they say they don't jack-off too much, but Joel clearly knows his body and around his dick.

He is a giant pre-cummer and several times during the photo and video shoot he oozed some DNA ectoplasm for us.

This kid is born for porn. A true Exhibitionist!

So no oral set for him....yet.  He seemed to really enjoy himself but I think he may be looking at other production companies.

So for now, this is one awesome solo


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