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Start Age: 20   Debuted: January 3, 2011   Height: 6'   Weight: 170 lbs   Cock: 6" Cut


Red heads are few and far between, but I know there is a special fondness for the gingerheaded guys, so I always leap when a cute one comes my way.

Franklin has a combo of shyness and confidence that seems to be at odds, but works well together. You really notice it in this video.

He is aware that his red pubes are in demand and I didn't even have to ask him to grow them out.

As far as girls go, he doesn't seem to have a "type" he goes for, but seems more interested in the total package.

He's a little nervous during his solo, and is a bit quiet, but there are moments when he plays to the audience and to be honest, I think the porn I had playing for him was too good for him to not watch. 

Over the years I have gotten a good feel for what the guys will like to watch and probably 70 percent of the time I pick the right thing to play for them.  The other 30 percent I can't seem to find anything in my rather large porn collection.

But Franklin really liked the girl I picked and I think wanted to nut right away. He held out for us, and got some distance when he shoots his load.

Anyway, hope you enjoy this red head. Pretty sure he is not down for doing "more" so enjoy him now. But I will keep working on him! Maybe I could talk him to a G:hOle video?


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