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Nathan Cruise & Wright Serviced

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Stats: 34, 6'1", 170, 8" Uncut


Nathan Cruise

Stats: 18, 6'2", 155, 7" Uncut


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Release date: January 31, 2018

Video Number: 2080

This is one of those Serviced videos where the guy that is supposed to be serviced, ends up doing most of the servicing.

Mainly because Nathan was obsessed with sucking on Wright's big uncut cock. Once it was put in front of him, all he wanted to do was suck the cum out of it.

Wright sucks back too of course, but you can just tell through out this video that Nathan is hungry for Wright's cock.

Nathan also mentioned he loves rimming, and getting a chance to lick Wright's hole turned him on even more.

Wright gives Nathan a face full of cum, coating most of his face. Wright then scoops it up and jerks Nathan's cock with his own load. Giving Nathan some extra lube to jerk-off with.

Using Wright's cum to jerk his own dick totally put him over the top, and he busted is own load!

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