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Tyger Solo

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Stats: 18, 6', 145, 6" Cut


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Release date: January 15, 2018

Video Number: 2076

Oh, the sexual power of words! They come in handy! Literally.

Tyger is an adorable 18-year-old who is definitely into the ladies. I had asked him what he watched porn-wise and he mentioned girls with big asses and online erotica.

I actually hadn't had heard of sexual anecdote stories in a long while, as the net seems so full of visual porn. I know there are social media sites and blogs devoted to it with many fans. For me, it reminds me of when I was young and visual porn was not readily available, so we had to settle for short stories. Obviously, there are still many who love a good story.

Tyger does a fine job stroking his cock for us, and I love his natural hair. Once again, we have a guy with a super hairy ass, and I think maybe we need to hand out a Hairiest Ass of the Year Award, as we have several great contenders.

But when it came time for him to nut, he really struggled to cum. We tried a handful of videos, and he would get close, but then Just couldn't get over the top. We even ventured out onto the net to find some videos of his favorite female star, but that didnít work.

Finally, he asked if he could just pull up some online stories, and he found a couple he liked. I put it up on the TV and he would shout out "Scroll." And I would move the story down.

I didn't think this would work, but I only had to scroll a couple times and the boy was busting his nut. Thank goodness, he doesnít need glasses for this trick to work!

His cock was a little tender after beating so long, but he is super relieved and spilled a decent load. You may note he is on his side, and this is his Go To position to cum in.

Tyger comes back next week to do a TagTeam Serviced video, and thankfully he had no problems for that!

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