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Antonio Cervone & Jay Taylor Serviced

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Jay Taylor

Stats: 26, 5'11", 155, 6" Cut


Antonio Cervone

Stats: 24, 6', 150, 8" Cut


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Release date: December 24, 2017

Video Number: 2063

Antonio was on hand to offer us some of his world class cock-sucking.

Before working with Jay Taylor, or most new models, I seldom know what they are into. Both of these guys LOVE sucking dick, and well, both guys are Bottoms, so I am glad I had them paired up to do a Serviced video. It's hard to watch two Bottoms try to fuck!

Thankfully we had two eager cock-suckers, and both have amazing skills. They both love rimming too, and they take their time burying their faces into each other's asses.

Jay gives Antonio an awesome facial. Antonio is SO good with his timing. He keeps his eye on Jay's cock, watching for it to bust, while edging himself to coincide with Jay's ejaculation.

Jay unloads, then Antonio takes only a moment to start busting his own load. Jay bends over and perfectly laps it up like he is sipping from a drinking fountain!


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