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Nikolai Rapid & Wright Serviced

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Nikolai Rapid

Stats: 23, 6'2", 175, 7" Cut



Stats: 34, 6'1", 170, 8" Uncut


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Release date: December 21, 2017

Video Number: 2061

Nikolai is a quiet guy, and I think Wright thought this was his first time with a guy. Wright engages him a little, trying to relax him, even asking him about sucking dick before. So, I think Wright was a little surprised that Nikolai had previous experience.

But had he messed around with an uncut cock before?


Wright gives him some tips for stroking his cock. Nikolai feels a little silly, but strokes his new buddy's dick.

Once Wright starts sucking Nikolai's cock, he gets a lot more serious. Wright has gotten really good at sucking dick, and Nikolai was eager to show-off his own cock-sucking skill. Nikolai does a great job, so I am glad we don't have that hurdle to get over.

They joust their cocks, then 69 suck each other.

Wright even rims Nikolai's hole, though the angle was a little awkward. Progress for Wright!

Both guys race to cum on each other's cocks. Nikolai cums first, squeezing out a nice load. Wright plays catch-up, then moments later he easily blasts his jizz all over Nikolai's cock and stomach.

Wright scoops up all the cum and jerks their cocks together, making a nice sticky mess!

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