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Phillip & Wren RAW

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Stats: 22, 6'2", 170, 7" Cut



Stats: 20, 5'11", 170, 7" Cut


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Release date: September 29, 2017

Video Number: 2016

With Wren looking so super-hot these days, I have been trying to get him in more often. He is all grown-up and has a busy work schedule. Phillip was on hand to give Wren the fucking that he always loves.

Still working on Phillip's limits. He actually loves to get fucked, but I still feel like we need some more passion, like kissing and rimming from him.

But he sucks and fucks like a pro, and Wren was enjoying every moment.

Sorry, but there is no 'technical' breeding in this video. Instead it is two guys getting the cum fucked out of each other.

Wren of course easily nuts from being fucked, and as we have discovered, all it takes to make Phillip cum is some prostate massage.

After Phillip makes Wren cum, he scoops up the cum, lubes up Wren's cock with it, then proceeds to sit on his cum-soaked cock. Technically not a breeding moment, but dang close.

Phillip cums within minutes of sitting on Wren's cummy cock. It was fast!

I told him after his shoot, he really needs to get his girl a strap-on, because fucking him triggers him to unload so quickly. Or maybe switch teams!

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