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Lorenzo & Wiley Serviced

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Stats: 22, 5'9", 160, 6" Cut



Stats: 19, 5'9", 135, 6.5" Cut


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Release date: September 13, 2017

Video Number: 2005

Both Lorenzo and Wiley were super eager to get this video started. It was hard keeping them apart before we got in the room.

A ton of RAW passion in this video. Lorenzo loves being dominant when he is with a passive twink, and Wiley responds beautifully to Lorenzo's bossy vibe.

Unlike Wiley's solo, which does have a Director's Cut coming out in a couple weeks, I kept in all the juicy bits.

Wiley does love to bottom, and it took a little bit of aggressive fucking to make Wiley blow his nut. It is a powerful orgasm too! While this video is a Serviced video, there is a smidge of raw fucking to get Wiley to orgasm.

After fucking Wiley, Lorenzo easily nutted, blowing his load into Wiley's open mouth.

Don't skip this video if you think it is 'just' a blow job video!

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