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Harrison Solo

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Stats: 19, 6', 195, 8" Cut


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Release date: April 10, 2017

Video Number: 1931

Harrison brought something interesting to this video.

He is a tall and lean skinny twink type. He likes both guys and girls, and based on the number of times he jerks-off a day, he has a very high sex drive. Well, he is 19-years-old and is basically a cum machine.

With both sexes, he loves oral; eating-out girls, and sucking-off dudes. With guys, he says he loves to eat their cum.

I always ask the guys to bring clothing options to the shoot, and he showed up with this shirt with dried stains all over it.

I asked, "This is cum all over this shirt?"

Harrison nodded yes and he thought maybe we could integrate it into the shoot. I know there are a lot guys who love to see guys jerk-off in their shirts, and especially cum all over it. Since the shirt was a dark blue, I knew his cum would show-up nicely on it.

I try to have him put the shirt on over his head for the entire video, but after struggling with it, he just takes it completely off.

He gets his big 8-inch cock hard easily and starts to show it off.

For the ending, he gets the shirt back on, and he is super eager to cum on it. I definitely think he gets turned-on by shooting on it.

He spills his load on to it, adding more DNA stains to his walking cum towel!

I know there will be more than a few "Eww!" out there, but personally I thought it was super-hot, especially when he takes a sniff of his jizz soaked shirt!

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