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Matthieu Solo

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Stats: 25, 5'9", 170, 7" Uncut


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Release date: April 17, 2017

Video Number: 1930

Matthiue is a hot Latin guy with a really nice uncut cock.

He is confident and really enjoyed showing-off to the camera. His dick is real nice, but for you Tops out there, his ass is amazing!

He is straight, and is really into boobs and eating girls out. I get the vibe he might be curious about guys, but not sure he would be willing to try something on film.

He barely watches the video playing for him, and slowly strokes his cock until it is hard. He then gets up on his knees and shows-off his amazing ass. Mmmm! So lickable!

He spins around and once he has a good view of some porn, he ramps his cock up to fully hard again.

He then lies on his back and quickly jerks his cock until cum shoots out onto his stomach. Super hot seeing his uncut cock squirt!

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