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Toby Jacobs & Vander Edge

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Toby Jacobs

Stats: 46, 5'10", 170, 8" Cut



Stats: 24, 5'9", 175, 8.5" Cut


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Release date: November 30, 2016

Video Number: 1853

I guess with Vander now in his 30's he can be considered 'mature' and when Toby Jacobs wanted to come in a do a scene, I knew I wanted to do an Edge video with him and Vander.

I just couldn't decide who should be in the chair. Toby clearly has some skills, and I knew he could hungrily service Vander's thick cock.

But with him being more of a Daddy, and Vander perfectly happy to be submissive, we treated Toby to an amazing blow job.

Of course Toby was not going to stay in that chair and not just sit idly by while hot cock was in his general direction.

Like other Edge videos with Vander in control, the video gets out of hand in a natural way, and we just chase them around with a camera.

Vander gives him an awesome facial, making Toby eat every lost drop.

For Toby, we pulled out the Fleshjack to see how he would respond. After only a few minutes of jacking him with it, he started to shout he was going to cum.

There is this moment that I didn't cut away from, where Vander looks up to me like, "Um, should I make him cum?!"

I gave a thumbs up, and with a little bit of stroking, Vander perfectly times pulling off the toy, in order to eat his load as it spurts out!

There is nothing like having two dudes with so much experience that their timing is without fault!

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