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Alvaris Solo

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Stats: 21, 6'3", 185, 6.5" Cut


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Release date: March 19, 2012

Video Number: 993

Alvaris is a tall kid who spent most of his younger years playing video games professionally.  I think he got burned-out on it, but it allowed him to travel and see more of the world than most guys his age.

He has done some live cam modeling, but I think the burn-out speed on that is even faster.  So he decided to try doing full-on adult work.

Alvaris actually has quite a large cock, but on his 6'3" frame, it looks in scale.  Well, to me it does!

He is comfortable in front of the camera as you might expect from someone who has spent some time camming.  He is used to putting on a show and that is what he does!

He goes the extra mile, and since he is familiar with the request from viewers, he used a small butt plug on himself.  It takes him a few tries to slide it in, but once it is in, he was pretty happy.

Actually, the small toy he used for cam shows didn't have vibration action. You have to watch for this moment in the video when his face lights-up with how good it feels. I like it when we can surprise someone already familiar with a little ass play.

It also made him cum buckets too! He said he hadn't cum like that very often and attributed to the toy working his prostate.

Ever the consummate showman, he starts licking up his cum for us. If you love dudes that eat their own cum, you will be quite happy with this ending!

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