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Seth Holmes & Shad Wrapped

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Seth Holmes

Stats: 27, 5'9", 150, 6" Cut



Stats: 23, 5'8", 165, 7.5" Cut


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Release date: August 11, 2006

Video Number: 65

Shad says he is curious about doing more work with guys, and Seth is a new guy that I knew would be perfect to work with Shad.

Seth is a top guy, and Shad really wanted the first time to be a top, so I tossed them together and to see who took control. Next thing we know, Shad’s ankles are up in the air, and even though Shad’s got a great dick, his ass looks awesome as it gets plowed.

The sex is great, but you can really tell both these guys really got off on the kissing.

Seth was pretty domineering, and poor Shad got a little used as Seth busted his nut all over his back and left him high and dry.

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