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Lance & Zeke Wrapped

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Stats: 24, 5'7", 170, 6" Cut


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Release date: June 23, 2006

Video Number: 64

When I first talked to Lance he told me he was bisexual, I said, “Great! I’ve got some guys for you to come play with, and oh yeah, can you bottom?”

Turns out Lance didn’t really have a lot of experience, and had really only done some drunk “messing around.”  I think bisexual meant “experimenting”.  He said he had gotten a blow job by another dude, and that was about it.

Zeke also recently had a little too much to drink and a buddy and him had fooled around, but the event was pretty hazy and he himself had pretty vague memories of the experience.

Since Lance had a little more real world experience, I asked him to take charge. Unfortunately, I think he got a little camera shy (and nervous!) it being his very first time.  Audiences may not fully appreciate a solo jack off video, but it really is a great way to get guys comfortable before jumping in to full on sex on video.

Thankfully, Zeke took charge, and given their builds, I think it’s pretty hot having the muscle dude overpower the slightly built guy. Lance quickly got over  his nervousness and had his legs in the air.

Lance took quite a pounding, but stayed hard for the entire shoot. He was pretty much sore and spent afterwards, so I hope I didn’t scare him off for more work. He was a great bottom boy.

I also got lucky with the cumshot as both busted one after the other. Love it when that happens!

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