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Learn More About ChaosMen!

Kellan & Solomon
About ChaosMen
Learn how ChaosMen got started! The site has been around over 10 years in various forms. From a simple FotoJournal/Blog, a small Member's Only area with a single photospread a month, to full-interactive video each week.

About Bryan
Learn more about your host, Bryan Ockert. He stays pretty busy producing all this content, but also make numerous appearances in oral-oriented videos, along with a rare full-scenes.

About Membership
Need to know what you are getting before you buy a membership? This page contains info on exactly what you get for your hard earned dollars!

Condom Use
The first 300 videos on this site were shot with condoms. As testing become a lot more accurate, the site went condom-free (RAW or Bareback). Learn more about our condom and testing policy here!

Video Formats
Video quality, speed, and video size has become a major question from potential models. Bit rates, resolution, streaming tools, and even questions about DRM are discussed on this page. (No! There is no DRM on the videos)

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