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Help Yourself First!

Hey guys! So I am pretty much the only monkey here. If you are having a problem with the site or downloading videos, please check to make sure that Flash player Plugin is installed. Recently, browser makers have been turning off the Permission to run the Flash Plugin, so you may want to dig in and make sure the plugin has not revoked Permissions.

If you have other problems, please see the Help page for all kinds of tips. There is no 24-hour 7-days a week tech support team. It's just me and Steven, who manages the servers. Please do give us at least 3-4 hours to respond. We also do sleep, so if it is in the middle of the night, we will get to you first thing in the morning.

Support Info

Contact Support:
    Support Desk and Knowlegebase Please use this for Tech Support ONLY - No Feedback! DO NOT USE YOUR MEMBERSHIP LOGIN! The Ticket System is a separate setup!

You can also email support@chaosmen.com and it will automatically create a support ticket for you. If you do this, please include your full name, username, if you are signed up through OrbitalPay, CCBill or Epoch, and as much info about your setup as possible so we can help troubleshoot your issue.

Top Support Issues:

Physical Address:
2121 Lohmans Crossing Rd.
Suite 504-244
Lakeway, TX 78734

Username/Password or Login Problems

There are three reasons why your username and password are likely not working:

  1. Your membership lapsed because your credit failed to rebill.
  2. You put in your username/password wrong too many times and you are getting blocked.
  3. The password was shared (knowingly or unknowingly) and a bazillion people are logging in with it and it got suspended.

Regardless, before emailing me about password issues, please login in to Orbital Pay, CCBill or Epoch and make sure your account is valid and that you are in fact typing in the correct username/password. If you don't know what billing company was used it will be on your email recript of drop me support note and I can let you know.

Customer Support/Manage Membership - OrbitalPay
Customer Support/Manage Membership - CCBill
Customer Support/Manage Membership - Epoch

If after checking to see your membership is still active. Open a Support Ticket and we will do some research to find out what is happening.
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