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It is Marathon Season!

October 1st, 2017 to January 1st, 2018

Longtime ChaosMen fans are likely familiar with our End of Year Marathons.

As a reward for current members, I put as many videos together over the last 3 holidays, airing videos daily. October brings Monster Cock Week (Oct. 23rd-31st), where I focus on bringing you the biggest meat I can find. November is the Extra Giblets & Butt-Stuffing Marathon (Nov. 20th-27th) with 5 times the sex films. Finally, December has the Holiday Marathon running from Dec. 22nd to January 1st, with a little bit of everything.

I want to thank all the members, despite all the free porn you have access to, you all have continued to support my family, my limited staff, as well as keeping the models above water. YOU make a huge difference in their lives!

My biggest budget expense is model payments, followed by travel. It takes a lot to run a site. One month alone I can spend $10k on travel. That is a LOT of $20 memberships to cover that expense alone.

We work extra hard to make sure you get some bonus videos, and of course, we hope you will continue to support Team Chaos!

Marathon Sale!

Hardware Upgrades


This week we have noticed slow/buffered streaming and interrupted downloads. We see some hardware I/O issues and have spent the last couple days porting to new servers. This weekend, you may notice continued slowness and occasionally the site will be down as we move to all new hardware. We have to make sure the new OS is compatible with the content management services that run the site.

I apologize for all the hiccups, but over the years whenever the site has had issues, it usually means we will have overall improvements in speed, storage, and access.

We just keep growing!


Servers are all online and running quickly!

SSL Compliance on login


In early 2017. Mozilla, makers of Firefox, updated their browser to sense when a login area was on a web page. It would inform the end user that their login was being sent encrypted or insecure. This startled many users who thought their login had been compromised.

As more and more people use websites mobile or on public WiFi, it has become more important that even simple username and password should be sent secure.

The site now will use an https:// (The s means it is secure) and if you use the old http:// should re-direct you to the secure version. You may have some Bookmarks that have the and you may want to update it to

It took a week or two to iron on out issues for all web browsers. Sending video over a secure connection can be slower, since it encrypts then decrypts the video, but we found an excellent work around.

If you are still noticing that your web browser that logging into ChaosMen is "insecure" simply make sure you are going to

Float and Resize the Video Player!


Finally! Many sites do not allow you to resize your video window. You are stuck with the preset size or full screen, and if you have a slow connection, the quality can degrade at the largest size. By clicking the transparent box in the upper right hand corner, you can 'pop out' the player and then resize it so you get a good mix of of size vs bit rate quality (by default it is 'Auto'). The video should start from where you left off, even when you close the floating window. The window does stay contained within your browser window, but it gives viewers a lot more flexibility to stream video. Rezize your browser, then resize the pop out player to suit your needs!

What's New! Float & Resize Video! (Amador & Jon & Troi pictured)
For now, the button shows up all the time. After a month, I will set the box to be full transparent so it only shows up when you hover over the video. But for now, I want viewers to notice it and play with it.

Believe it or not, this is tricky thing to do. I notice many major sites that used to offer this feature, have had to limit the capabilities because there are so many operating systems and browsers. So give this is a test and see how it does!

Mouse and Search Tricks

Use a mouse's scrolling action for image navigation!

Most mice have a scroll wheel that allows you to scroll up and down, while some allow you to even tap side-to-side. Apple mice allow you to swipe up and down left and right. Use this action to more easily scroll through the image sets.

Wrap your search in QUOTES " " to get the EXACT video you want!

Are you looking for one video in particular, but a model has a LOT of videos? Let's use Jet and Vander for example. Typing in the Search area Jet & Vander will pull up every video that Jet OR Vander each have been in. Kind of frustrating, but the search is giving you the most options to start with. It does do it's best in the search drop down that you can click, but Jet has so many videos, the 10 it can display doesn't show it. The trick is to use some Quote characters.

A video name 'should' have models listed in alphabetical order in the video title. So if you want to make the search more precise, wrap the search with "" quotation marks! This time, type in "Jet & Vander" with quotes around it and only that video will show. Typing in just Jet & Vander or Vander & Jet and you get all the videos each guy has appeared in.

What's New!

Zip files for HiRes Photos, CamCaps, and GIFs!

Are you an image collector or don't like scrolling through images? Well you are in luck! Zip files for images are now available for all images. HiRes Photos can be downloaded in one Zip file, while CamCaps and GIFs (if available) are in their own zip file.

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