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Luca Rosso

Stats: 30, 5'8", 140, 6" Cut


Dimitri Porter

Stats: 21, 6'1", 185, 7.5" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: February 18, 2019

Video Number: 2251

I knew having real life boyfriends I could get a hot, sensual Pure video.

Luca takes the lead in this video. He starts by kissing Dimitri and oiling up his jockstrap.

He gives him head, but I think Dimitri is more interested in servicing Luca.

Dimitri then sits on Luca's face, and with some rimming action, both guys get bone hard. Dimitri did say he loved to be rimmed and that seems to be his starter switch.

After that Luca dominates Dimitri but with all the affection of someone in love. I think we even get a couple "I love you" in this Pure video.

The ending is spectacular with Luca fucking the cum out of Dimitri, closely followed with Luca painting Dimitri's hole with a giant load.

Luca fucks Dimitri with his load, and then stops to gently kiss his hot boyfriend!


Stats: 26, 5'9", 160, 8" Cut



Stats: 23, 6', 155, 7.5" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: February 15, 2019

Video Number: 2247

Timmy actually took some time-off to focus on work and relationship. He got work under control, and was eager to get back in to film some fuck films.

I sent him some pictures of Declan, and he was super eager to come in and play.

You can tell Timmy is having the time of his life during this video. He was sucking Declan's cock with pure pleasure.

I was a little worried that Timmy's cock would be too big for Declan, but the dude takes a cock like a champ.

He also returned the favor, fucking Timmy until his cock is dripping pre-cum. I think there is even a moment when Timmy had to shout out to slow it as he was about to cum. After this shoot, Timmy was dazed and giddy from that fucking alone.

And this has a very good well-timed cum shot too!

Timmy fucks Declan until a load spills out of his cock. Timmy grabs his cock, nearly shooting his load at the same time.

His load was tricky too!

At first he cums in what seems like a 'just ok' load, but then a second wave of jizz flies out, painting Declan's entire body with his cum!

He just kept cumming!

Dimitri Porter

Stats: 21, 6'1", 185, 7.5" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: February 13, 2019

Video Number: 2250

Dimitri is boyfriends with Luca Rosso, and when he mentioned he wanted to do porn, Luca suggested he start with my site. They arrived for a weekend shoot, and I had planned on getting someone for Dimitri to do an oral video with.

Luca suggested that they do it together, and I countered by saying why not have sex? So, for Dimitri's next, the two will jump right in with a hot PURE fucking scene. Very intimate with real life boyfriends!

This week though, we get to check out Dimitri and all his amazing assets. He has a host of them including; a handsome face, beautiful teeth, amazing cock, and a delicious bubble-butt!

Dimitri is more of a bottom and his favorite thing to do in bed is have his ass rimmed.

He is actually quite polished and confident in this video, and really works his cock for us.

For you Tops out there, I am sure you are going to be eager to see his ass getting fucked, but for today, his dick is center stage, spilling an amazing load all over his upper body!


Stats: 22, 6'1", 165, 7.5" Cut



Stats: 27, 5'9", 160, 6" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: February 11, 2019

Video Number: 2252

Lorenzo is one of the couple guys I turn to when I need help with nervous first-timers. He is always awesome in the Serviced videos, being a key ingredient for their success.

I don't want anyone to forget what a great Top and Bottom Lorenzo is. He has great energy in both positions, and today we get to see his Topping skills. Soon to be followed by a video with him and his legs and ass in the air.

Ron was also pleased to be working with a pro. The intimacy is off the charts in this one. I am also really pleased that he has eagerly embraced being a Bottom, which of course makes having him shoot his load that much easier.

Lorenzo fucks Ron, eager to make Ron's cock leak pre-cum. Ron's cock would get harder with each and every thrust.

And Lorenzo doesn't fail to get a load out of Ron. He fucks him until he is cumming, working-up quite a sweat!

After Ron spills his nuts, Lorenzo blasts his hole with the first part of his load, and then buries the rest inside of Ron.

Lorenzo then licks his load out of Ron's ass, then shares a cummy and sweaty kiss!


Stats: 34, 5'7", 150, 6" Cut


Antonio Cervone

Stats: 27, 6', 150, 8" Cut


Aidan Anthony

Stats: 29, 5'9", 165, 7" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: February 8, 2019

Video Number: 2243

Aidan loves to rim guys, so he started this video with some of the hottest rimming action on the site. Antonio squirms around in ecstasy as Aidan takes his sweet time, sniffing, fingering, and licking Antonio's hole.

It is very erotic, and it even had Ransom running around the set with a boner. As you may know, he helps me film anything interactive, and neither of us is immune to the sex happening in front of us.

Ransom was standing off to the side working a camera, rubbing his cock through his shorts, indicating to me that he had a boner.

By the time Aidan is fucking Antonio, Ransom was dripping through his sweats. Antonio spotted this, and made a motion for him to join in and get his dick sucked.

Ransom jumps in, shoving his cock into Antonio's mouth, while Aidan hammers his hole. After Ransom gets close to cumming, he steps back and strips off his clothes.

By that time, Aidan is fucking Antonio on his back. Ransom comes back in and feeds Antonio his cock.

Aidan is watching this closely and starts to cum. This starts a chain reaction as Ransom ramps up and cums all over Antonio face. Then Antonio jerks rapid speed and shoots his own load.

After leaving his load on Antonio's face, Ransom steps out and Aidan kisses Antonio, sharing Ransom's load!

Kelly Evans

Stats: 41, 5'8", 160, 7" Cut



Stats: 22, 5'10", 165, 6.5" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: February 6, 2019

Video Number: 2246

Another scorching hot massage table Serviced video!

Jerome has done one previous massage themed video, but he was on the table and not doing the actua1ly 'massage.'

He totally takes charge during other videos, and I was certain he would be into rubbing Kelly Evans.

Kelly got on the table, and then Jerome slicks up his hot body. We even get some foot massage and nibbling.

Jerome snakes Kelly's cock out from underneath and starts stroking him until he is fully hard. Unable to keep a super hard cock in that backward position, Jerome lifts him into a doggie-style position so he could stroke and rim Kelly.

At times, Jerome's cock would get hard, so he oiled up his shorts so we could see his cock through his shorts.

After flipping Kelly on his back, Kelly's hands went right for Jerome's cock, rubbing him through his gym shorts.

Jerome dabs the precum from Kelly's cock with his mouth, making a strand of slick juice from his lips to Kelly's cockhead. After the taste treat, Jerome then dives and starts working Kelly's dick like a pro.

Kelly does get a chance to suck back too, his neck craning so that Jerome could fuck his face.

Jerome climbs on top, and jousts their cocks together.

For the end, we knew that Kelly would have to have his face in an ass to drive him over the top. Jerome strokes Kelly's cock while sitting on his face. Kelly play's and licks Jerome's hole, getting closer and closer to cumming.

Jerome does a great job with his left hand, and with a few verbal hints from Kelly, Jerome makes him blast a load from his cannon. It is VERY intense! Kelly is trapped underneath Jerome's body, and can't escape the teasing of his head once he has ejaculated.

Jerome flips around and shoves his cock in Kelly's face and milks a nice load into Kelly's mouth, filling him to the brim.

Before Kelly can even swallow, Jerome is kissing him, sharing his load between the two of them!


Dimitri Porter
Kelly Evans
Owen Forte

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