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Stats: 32, 5'11", 150, 7.5" Cut


Sean Peyton

Stats: 26, 5'10", 145, 7" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: December 10, 2018

Video Number: 2242

Davin hit me up to do a scene. Hadn't seen him a long time.

His cock is still giant and he wanted to Top a dude.

Sean handles his cock like a pro, and you really see how big Davin's cock is when Sean has it in his mouth.

I had forgotten that Davin likes to bottom too. After fucking Sean in a couple positions, he wanted some anal stimulation. Sean slides a plug into his hole so he could fuck Sean with it in him.

It turned both of them on, Sean cumming pretty quickly knowing Davin's hole was stuffed. And of course, the vibrating action on Davin's prostate made him shoot his load all over Sean's hole!


Stats: 22, 5'10", 165, 6.5" Cut



Stats: 18, 6'1", 165, 8" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: December 7, 2018

Video Number: 2228

Espen made quite a bit of progress in this video. It helped that Jerome is one of my best guys.

First, Espen looks great with his new haircut. He is only going to get more handsome as he matures. Jerome got a haircut the day before, I think he was looking sharp too.

Second, his skills really jumped in this video. Espen seems to have cock-sucking down as a legitimate skill. With his head resting on Jerome's abs, it was a much better angle for him to suck from.

Jerome plays a lot of attention to his hole, fingering it, and rimming him, trying to get him in the mood to be fucked.

And then Jerome got a little nervous when he saw how big Espen's cock was getting when he sucked him from soft to hard.

I told him his cock was no bigger than Easton's, the guy that took his cherry. Plus, he handled Vander's ample cock, So I knew he would be fine.

Jerome then fucks Espen, taking it easy on the boy. Espen was not very hard when he first got penetrated, so I was very happy to see his cock got harder as he was getting fucked. He is definitely getting some pleasure out of it, though I think we are far from getting him to cum from being fucked.

Then it was Jerome's turn, and he wanted to sit on it so he could ease it in himself. This guy can really bottom after that initial penetration. At first, he rides Espen facing him, but then switches it up so we can see him bounce around on Espen's giant cock, pre-cum leaking out of Jerome's dick.

In the end, Jerome is on his back and I knew I had better start with the under shot, because Jerome cums so quickly in this position. Espen fucks him deep!

I'm down on the ground getting good penetration and I can hear Jerome is nearing an uncontrollable climax. I shuffle up and get my camera in place, and SPLAT! Jerome is shooting out creamy white goodness.

And Espen must have been close too. He only needed a moment to jerk-off and then breed Jerome's hole.

With his own cum still stuck on his cock, Espen has Jerome clean and lick up the rest of his load from his dick!


Stats: 23, 5'5", 140, 7.5" Cut


Damien Reign

Stats: 25, 5'6", 130, 6" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: December 5, 2018

Video Number: 2224

With Damien local, I have been seeing if we could practice his cock sucking skills. He loves to rim and eat out ass, and he is a hungry guy for that. He is just working on his gag reflex.

Maxi was so cool and collected for his solo, I figured with his big stick, Damien could try a few different sucking techniques at a leisurely pace.

Speaking of Maxi, wow he has such a sensual and skilled sex style going! He is horny all the time, and seems very aware of where the cameras are so he can show-off what he is doing. He also likes to rim, and he really pushes his tongue into Damien's hole.

While Damien is not deep-throating Maxi's cock, I think he improved on his skills dramatically.

He is also easy to make cum, and shoots his load on Maxi's face. Maxi sucks out the last bit of cum from Damien's cock, and then busts his own load.

Damien scoops up his load then smears it on Maxi's lip and chin, then gives him a sticky kiss!

JJ Smitts

Stats: 21, 5'11", 145, 8" Cut



Stats: 24, 6', 165, 6.5" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: December 3, 2018

Video Number: 2212

I mentioned that JJ Smitts referred Terry to me. The two have been hooking-up every now and then since they did a photoshoot together. JJ loves fuckin him, and I think he wanted to capture that on film.

Terry was nervous despite having a bed partner he already knew how to dance with. But, JJ takes control, and with Terry's passive vibe, it is a very nice fit. Despite the Dom/Sub vibe, there is a ton of tenderness between these guys.

I believe Terry mentioned sucking dick as being his favorite thing. Well, it was a toss-up between that and bottoming when he answered that question previously. Not sure which is his favorite.

Terry focused a lot on servicing JJ's cock with his mouth. And when his mouth got tired, JJ was more than happy to switch to fucking Terry's ass.

Although Terry loves to bottom, he still has not mastered cumming while being fucked. So, JJ fucks him until he himself cums, breeding Terry's juicy hole.

With cum dripping from his ass and JJ sucking on his nuts, Terry cums easily after being breed so thoroughly.

JJ laps up some of the cum and shares a passionate kiss with Terry at the end!


Stats: 23, 5'10", 150, 6" Cut


Ricky Roberts

Stats: 24, 5'8", 135, 7" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: November 30, 2018

Video Number: 2225

Ricky wanted to start by topping, and it took me a bit to schedule the right guy for him to fuck. His dick is about 7 inches, but it is kind of thick.

Thompson was the perfect choice for him.

They both were eager to get in the room and start to make-out, suck dick, and fuck! I love it when there is chemistry even before we get started.

Ricky is a fantastic Top too! He sucks dick like a pro, but seeing his cock slide in and out of Thompson was amazing. Thompson was impressed with his perfect cock, and it was the just the right size for him to get off to.

These two were perfect together, and I am eager to get Ricky back to do more.

We often have to stop filming to avoid cumming too soon, and I thought this was a prime example! Both guys were struggling to not cum, and I left an OutTake in at the very end because it is a perfect example.


Stats: 24, 6', 165, 6.5" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: November 28, 2018

Video Number: 2211

Terry is a fashion and art photography model. He met JJ Smitts on a shoot and the two of them hit-it-off.

So much so, that even though they are in different cities, they try to hook-up whenever they can.

JJ indicated that Terry would be down to do a scene with him, so we got him all setup and he came in to do his solo AND I made sure JJ was on hand so they could also fuck the next day.

Terry is actually a very quiet guy. He has a nice full-time job (which of course made scheduling a challenge) and at 23, he seems to have gotten the whole 'adulting' thing down.

He is versatile, but prefers to bottom.

For Terry's solo he is nervous and a little quiet, but I have to admit, he sure came easy. He spills a nice load that really pop on his nice abs!

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Ryan Tone

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