The Marathons Are Here! Extra Butt-Stuffing in November!!
The Marathons Are Here! Extra Butt-Stuffing in November!


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Stats: 20, 5'10", 145, 6.5" Cut



Stats: 33, 5'7", 150, 6" Cut


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Release date: November 23, 2017

Video Number: 2030

We had some scheduling issues, so Ransom stepped in very last minute to give Kyler his blowjob debut.

Despite saying he liked to suck cock more than receive it, he is a passive guy, and you can tell he really enjoyed getting rubbed and being under the tender care of Ransom's hands.

He is most responsive when Ransom pays attention to his ass, so I am going to put him firmly in the Bottom category.

Kyler writhes around as Ransom works his cock, and easily makes the guy cum. Most of his load goes down that back of Ransom's throat.

For a guy who said getting head was not his favorite, he sure was easy to toy with!


Stats: 21, 5'10", 160, 6.5" Cut



Stats: 23, 5'6", 145, 7" Cut


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Release date: November 22, 2017

Video Number: 2041

I love Easton! He always packs a punch when it comes to his sex films. He is an amazing Top and an excellent Bottom.

Sadly, he will be moving out of the country with his husband by the end of the year. So, I had him in to do two shoots back-to-back, and am hoping to get one more with him before he departs. Not a retirement from porn, but it will be hard for me to get him back from across the ocean.

When Bennett aired on the site, I had a lot of model's hands in the air wanting a chance to play with him. Easton wanted to dominate his bubble-butt, and then the next day I figured Easton could get his legs up the air for some anal action.

Every guy I have had put with Bennett, they have instant chemistry. From sensual to hardcore, he brings out the best in whoever he is paired with. And YES, even Timmy will be back to play with Bennett, which I believe will air during the Holiday Marathon.

This video was filmed about the time we were having a lot of hurricane action, and poor Bennett spent an entire day trying to get here. We started late, and he was tired, but you sure can't tell by his energy in this video. These two are electric!

It also has a terrific ending with Easton ramping his cock up to cum, and then getting his head inside Bennett. His cock pulses as it unloads inside of him. Bennett also came a ton when Easton fucked a load out of him!


Stats: 22, 5'11", 135, 8.5" Cut


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Release date: November 21, 2017

Video Number: 2034

Bryer is a cute, lean, gay guy with a big stick on him. It's almost 8.5 inches and the boy gets hard super easy.

He likes mature guys and jocks, and is mostly a Top. I am sure he has plenty of Bottoms that want to take on the challenge of sitting on his dick.

Bryer has a Southern accent, along with Southern manners. Very polite and inquisitive.

For his solo, he does a fantastic job. Bryer is sensual and intense.

He unloads huge wads of cum, coating his entire torso. The guy really NEEDED to cum, that's for sure!

Nicholas Duff

Stats: 23, 6'1", 185, 7.5" Cut



Stats: 32, 5'11", 170, 6.5" Cut


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Release date: November 20, 2017

Video Number: 2046

Phineas's schedule has been very busy. He finally got a free weekend. I love him as a bottom, and he also likes fetish play, so I am eager to pair him up with some other extra naughty boys.

Nicholas is a perfect match with Phineas. He loves to fuck a guy, and really likes to make him clean his cock after each round of fucking. He power fucks Phineas while he is on his stomach, and I can't imagine how his girl can take such a pounding. Not a problem for Phineas!

The two have excellent chemistry, with a perfect cream pie ending!

Lots more to cum this week with tons of extra Butt Stuffing!


Stats: 28, 5'5", 150, 6" Cut



Stats: 25, 5'9", 160, 8" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: November 17, 2017

Video Number: 2036

Bronson is moving along on his limits. I keep trying to put him in situations that feel natural. I thought a massage themed video would keep him in familiar territory, but didn't want to be restricted to the balancing act that can occur having sex on a massage table. So we started with a massage on the bed.

Timmy oils him up, relaxing Bronson immediately, maybe too relaxed? He pulls his underwear off. Initially, I think Bronson was being tickled with beard stubble between his ass cheeks. But he perks-up when Timmy's tongue dives in deep. Bronson gets a dominate vibe and pushes Timmy's face further into his hole.

Timmy flips him on over, rubs oil on his chest, and kissing Bronson with the taste of his ass on his lips and scruff. Timmy moves down to his cock and gets Bronson hard. After servicing him, Timmy crawls up and sits on Bronson's chest, making Bronson suck his cock. Timmy is half hard, but looking down and seeing Bronson working on his cock, made Timmy all hard.

To give Bronson some neck relief, he flips Timmy onto his back and tries his best to get as much of Timmy's cock in his mouth from a better angle. His skills are rapidly improving!

Next, Bronson fucks Timmy doggie-style. The dude can really fuck, and he has a smooth, experienced style.

They even spoon fuck, which is Timmy's favorite position. Though I think Timmy prefers to be the Big Spoon. They sneak in some kissing, and there is a lot of sensual energy. Bronson gets on his knees so he can power fuck Timmy.

Finally, Bronson pulls him to the edge of the bed, and hammers his hole until Timmy shoots a HUGE load, even giving himself a facial. I think Bronson cracks a smile of wonder (or silliness) because it was such an outstanding cum shot and who can't help but giggle when someone shoots themselves in the face with their own load.

Bronson sure knows how to use his cock to fuck, and also cums easily, breeding Timmy's hole with ease. I would love to see him bottom, but he always brings his 'A' game when topping and breeding.

You might have guessed that I love working with Timmy, and I will continue to get Bronson in as much as I can, and continue to push his limits!


Stats: 22, 5'10", 150, 6" Cut


Sean Peyton

Stats: 25, 5'10", 145, 7" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: November 15, 2017

Video Number: 2026

I was so pleased that Thompson mentioned muscular hairy guys as his favorite during his solo. I had Sean set to come in the next day, and knew that I would have some great chemistry.

Thompson was VERY happy and excited to be playing with Sean. They both start by stroking their cocks, checking out each other's equipment. Thompson dives in first, eager to get a cock his mouth. He is pretty hungry for it, and despite considering himself recently bi, he looks like he has had some practice!

Sean returns the favor, while Thompson moans from the attention to his cock. Sean gets up on his knees, letting Thompson suck his cock some more.

Sean gets on top of Thompson, 69 sucking. Thompson has no problems taking Sean's cock down the back of this throat while his own cock is throbbing. His cock head is practically bursting with pre-cum!

Thompson fucks Sean's face, then gets him on his back so he can fuck his face at a better angle. Choking him with his cock.

He then strokes his cock, splattering a huge load all over Sean's face and mouth.

Not to be out done, Sean stands up and rubs a load out on to Thompson's face and mouth. Thompson sucks the last bit of cum from Sean's cock!


Jacob Marteny

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