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Stats: 34, 6'1", 170, 8" Uncut



Stats: 26, 6'5", 240, 6" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: June 23, 2017

Video Number: 1958

With Caspar being so tall, it has been hard to find models to pair him with where he doesn't tower over them. But with Wright, I feel like they are a lot more closely matched.

Wright clearly spends a lot of time staying in shape, and is used to being bigger than the other models. He took one look at Caspar and said he actually felt small. I told Wright not to worry, because his dick would likely be way more than Caspar can handle.

They start with some kissing, and I am pretty sure that is the first-time Wright kissed a guy with a scruffy beard.

Also surprising was how well Caspar sucked on Wright's big cock. I love how he just settles in and starts servicing Wright with real intensity. I feel the same way about Wright. For a guy who really struggled to suck dick for the first time, he seems more than content to please his buddy.

Wright fucks Caspar first, and you can see Caspar straining to accommodate Wright's big dick. But one thing I have to give Caspar credit for, he takes it like a man, and powers through it.

Next, Wright gets fucked. He seems to be in the zone and I think he now really likes getting fucked. He is still not at the point where he can cum from getting fucked, but he now finds the sensation a lot more pleasurable.

Finally, Wright fucks Caspar on his back, and while that is not enough to make Caspar cum, Wright easily jerks out a MASSIVE load all over Caspar's hole, then fucks him with his cum.

Caspar then jerks his own cock, shooting his cum all over Wright's spent cock!

Jason Hillcrest

Stats: 28, 5'11", 175, 8" Cut


Sean Peyton

Stats: 24, 5'10", 145, 7" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: June 21, 2017

Video Number: 1964

I swear Jason's cock has got to be more than 8-inches. He was really turned-on in this video and it seems to have grown an inch or more overnight!

Sean had his work cut out for him. He can usually deep throat a guy, but Jason's cock seemed more than he could handle. He gets little tears in his eyes while trying to shove it down his throat.

Jason is also an amazing cocksucker! And true to his word, rimming was his favorite thing to do with Sean. He eats him out like a hungry beast!

Both guys give each other facials, so if you love cum eating and unloading on a dude's face, this video has twice the action!

Definitely going to get Jason back for more. He has amazing dirty boy energy!


Stats: 21, 5'9", 170, 6" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: June 19, 2017

Video Number: 1965

Todd has done video work before, and I was happy to see this naturally hairy stud come my way.

He definitely identifies as straight, but is eager to please his buddy. Todd has mostly been a Top, but has bottomed. I was actually a little surprised when he said during the interview that he enjoyed getting fucked most of all, and that he could cum from getting fucked.

At 21, he has several businesses going, all of which sounds like it is going very well. But he likes the boost of income porn gives him, and allows him to either invest in it, or have some play money. If you have ever owned your own business, extra money is always in short supply.

His solo is polished, and he is great at playing to you guys. He seems to be a passive cummer, often preferring a girl ride his cock until he cums. He gets on his back, gets his imagination going, and pumps out a nice load that coats his mound of natural pubic hair!

Sean Peyton

Stats: 24, 5'10", 145, 7" Cut



Stats: 25, 5'10", 170, 8" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: June 16, 2017

Video Number: 1953

After I tossed Michael into the deep end of the pool by doing a TagTeam with Jerome and Wren, I thought he needed some one-on-one time. He was a little lost in that video. Not sexually lost, but he just seemed unsure how to open-up to the cameras and let us see all the naughty things he was doing.

He likes to both top and bottom, and Sean Peyton is always down to do both. I figured Sean could help guide him a bit with showing-off to the viewing audience.

He is still getting used to the cameras, but Michael is certainly not lacking any sex skills!

Michael had no problems topping or bottoming, while Sean, surprisingly, struggled to take Michael's 8-inch cock. Sean struggled initially to take his cock, and I thought something else was wrong since I had never seen him have to go slow. Sean said, "Well, he DOES have big cock!"

Sean will teasingly brag about what a big Bottom he is, but that day, at least initially, he met his match.

Michael got fucked next, and he took it like a champ. I love seeing him sprawled on his back, his hairy bush standing-out against his hairless body, and of course seeing his hard cock bounce around as Sean rams him in the ass!

Next, Michael fucks Sean on his back. He gets real close to cumming so he juices his hole. Michael then fucks him with his cum, racing to make Sean cum before losing his boner. Success!

Sean spills one of his biggest loads ever, so Michael gives it a little taste!


Stats: 18, 5'6", 125, 6.5" Cut



Stats: 26, 5'8", 150, 6" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: June 14, 2017

Video Number: 1957

Nelson mentioned during his solo that sucking dick is one of his favorite things, and you can sure tell by this video that he does indeed love it!

Usually the new guys are the ones being serviced, but Nelson dives in first, showing-off some great cock-sucking skills.

Not to be undone, Kodi gives him some amazing head, jamming Nelson's cock down the back of his throat.

Kodi gets up on his knees and lets Nelson really enjoy slobbering over Kodi's cock.

Since Nelson is more of a Bottom, Kodi pays special attention to his ass, rimming him and making write with pleasure. Nelson is still pretty young, and has not discovered the joys or rimming another dude. He will catch-on!

Nelson said that getting a facial would likely turn him on enough to the point that he could cum. He gets on his back so that Kodi can give him a nice facial.

Kodi dumps a huge load all over Nelson's face and in his mouth. Nelson then picks-up his stroking pace, sucking the last drips off cum out of Kodi's to help pull his load out.

Nelson easily spills his own load while nursing on Kodi's cock.


Jason Hillcrest

Stats: 28, 5'11", 175, 8" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: June 12, 2017

Video Number: 1963

Jason is a handsome gay guy with 8-inches of hot meat! His cock is pierced, and it turns him on seeing other guys pierced, so we kept it in this video. He says it does come out, so I may have him remove it to avoid anyone chipping a back molar on it!

Jason loves all types of guys, but has a fondness for uncut cock, especially Latin or Black guys. He likes rough, raunchy and dirty sex, so has very few limits He is completely versatile, and will just go with whatever the other guy wants when he is with him. With his amazing cock, I am sure Bottoms eagerly go ass-up for him, while Tops likely want to fuck his perfect hole.

His furry body is muscular, and he has some low-hanging balls that continually produce pre-cum which he often milks from his cock

He says he is best standing while he cums, so I got another opportunity to get us showered in cum.

Jason will be back next week, and I am sure his oral skills and energy will be off the charts!

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