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Monster Cock Week! Marathon Sale!


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Stats: 24, 6'2", 170, 9" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: October 24, 2017

Video Number: 2048

I had put out a call for extra big dicks, and Rydell appeared on my radar just in time for Monster Cock Week.

Rydell is a straight guy, but has definitely had a few daddy types ask to suck on his cock. I wouldn't put him squarely in the Bi category, but he is not opposed to attention from other guys. It sounds like he will sit back and get his dick serviced, and has not reciprocated in any way. Yet.

Not only is his cock huge, but his balls are big and swing wide. He jerks his cock aggressively, and his balls bounce around like crazy.

My solos all tend to have the same rhythm, because so many of the guys are new and I try to keep things uncomplicated. I had discussed beforehand with Rydell what was the easiest position for him to cum in and he said most definitely laying on his back.

So, I went over the positions we would attempt, letting him know that his final would be on his back, and I would move the cameras around and then he could try to cum.

Well once he was up on his knees, he got super turned-on and the next thing I know he was busting his nut. Thankfully I had the cameras pretty much in place, though his cock is a little out of frame as he moves a bit out of frame on the close-up.

Rydell will be back later this week, in the Edge chair, playing with one of the other Monster cocked guys!


Stats: 32, 5'9", 175, 8.5" Cut



Stats: 29, 6'4", 205, 8" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: October 23, 2017

Video Number: 2020

I have been hoping for this Dream Team match-up from the earliest days of ChaosMen. Zane did a few scenes, and then stepped away from porn. About that time Vander showed up in the studio. They just barely missed working together.

Now that I have both of them on the team, I just HAD to get them together.

Zane has been bottoming, and he is fine with that, but he does love to top. It is kind of the reverse for Vander; he is great at topping, but loves to get fucked more.

I thought I would get these two together to kick-off Monster Cock week!

You won't be disappointed!

The fucking and energy is off the charts, and watching Zane fuck Vander until he cums, then Vander dumps his own load moments later, just shows this is a perfect pairing!

Join now!!!


Stats: 19, 5'7", 150, 7.5" Uncut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: October 22, 2017

Video Number: 2027

While Camillo has a tasty and hot uncut 7.5-inch cock, many will complain he might not measure up for Monster Cock week. Well, just hold on a few days.

Camillo loves to bottom, and the bigger the better. So I knew I had to introduce him, and 7.5-inches is respectable size on this hot Latin dude. He is into a little kink, which I would summarize as being tied-up, dominated, and 'daddied'.

For this video, he strokes his cock like a pro, and gives us a hint of how much he loves anal stimulation by using a butt plug to cum. What a load too!

This is a hot solo, but he will back on Halloween for a one of the hottest videos of the year! You are 'bound' to love it!


Stats: 21, 5'10", 165, 6.5" Cut



Stats: 22, 5'10", 155, 8" Uncut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: October 20, 2017

Video Number: 1988

Jerome always bring the hottest energy to the videos and I knew pairing him with Jalen would be magic. Both are extremely passionate, and this video sizzles!

I believe there are four cumshots in this video, though one of them we will have to take Jalen's word for it. You can be the detective and try to find all four.

But let's not get too far ahead.

The kissing is passionate, and they both were into each other's armpits. Jerome had this done to him in a previous video, and he asked to give it a try. He has been looking at your feedback, and he is eager to get as raunchy as possible for you all.

After sucking each other's dicks, Jerome rides Jalen's big uncut cock. Pretty sure this is the biggest dick Jerome has taken, and the dude just loves it! He rides it forward and reverse, giving us a quite a show of just how good he can take a cock now.

Next, Jerome rims Jalen's hole, getting it lubed up for his cock. Jalen, who is more of Top, struggles to accommodate Jerome's thick rod, but they finally get it wedged in. After that, Jerome fucked him without mercy.

He flips Jalen on his back and continues to pound him. He keeps fucking until he starts to cum inside of him. Jerome pulls out only for a moment, letting some of his seed seep out, then unloading totally inside of Jalen. You can see his cock spasm and he unloads!

Jalen wants payback, so gets Jerome on his back and tries to fuck him until he too can breed him. Jerome had just cum, so he was trying really hard to take it. He kept playing with his own cock, just to keep himself in the zone.

Cum is dripping our of Jalen's hole as he ramps up to shoot his own load inside of Jerome.

He pulls out to give a few last jerks, then dumps his load deep inside of Jerome. He pulls out and a wee bit of cum squeezes out of his cockhead.

He shoves his cock in, starting to fuck him with his load, when suddenly Jerome shouts out that he thinks he can cum again.

Jalen picks up the pace and fucks another load out of Jerome!

Now you really have to watch Jalen's face as Jerome is cumming as Jalen told me right after shooting this that he came a second time inside of Jerome. My focus was on Jerome at the time, but sure enough when I edited this, you can see Jalen is cumming again. Well, his face sure shows he is.

Jalen licks-up Jerome's second load, and he kisses Jerome with the load on his lips.


Stats: 26, 5'5", 125, 7.5" Uncut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: October 18, 2017

Video Number: 2023

Andreus is a hot Italian guy with beautiful hazel/blue eyes. His eyes are not the only stand-out feature. They are framed by a handsome face, a fantastic smile, and of course a hot uncut cock.

He loved stripping down for us, and his cock drips pre-cum throughout most of the photo and video session.

He likes guys, and is versatile. Rough and aggressive sex are a fav too. He tends to be the bossy one, especially when it comes to topping.

Andreus has a steamy and sensual vibe about him, and his jerk-off video really reflects this. I can't wait to see him in action!


Stats: 26, 6'5", 240, 6" Cut


Kevin Reed

Stats: 26, 5'7", 145, 7" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: October 16, 2017

Video Number: 2021

I thought I would put our resident Country Boy with our Lumberjack.

Caspar, our lumberjack, does seem like a Sequoia compared to Kevin, who can barely reach up to kiss Caspar. So, he instead focused on his massive pecs, biting down on his nipples. Caspar loves that!

Kevin climbs down to his dick, and his cock-sucking skills have improved a lot! Caspar puts Kevin on his back and shows-off his own cock sucking skills.

Caspar then manhandles Kevin, rolling him up into a ball to eat out his hole. Kevin loves to be rimmed, and I even think likes to be dominated. So, Caspar sits on his chest, pinning him down, and making him suck his cock. He spins around and sits on his face, making Kevin get his hole all wet.

Caspar spins around again, and rides Kevin's cock. Caspar loves this position. He likes to be in control, and this makes his dick even harder.

Next Caspar fucks Kevin on his back, fucking him gently at first but eventually ramming him while his strokes his buddy's cock. Caspar actually cums at this point, filling him up, but I will be damned if I can tell when it happened. (SORRY!) I think Caspar thought he could just keep fucking Kevin, and cum again later in the video.

This got Kevin pretty close to cumming, so we quickly switch so he can fuck Caspar. He ramps up and coats his hole, breeding our gentle giant.

They quickly switch positions, and Caspar does try to cum again, but in the interim, Kevin cums again, so Caspar moves in to lap up his load.

Kevin was super horny this day!



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