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About Video Formats

Aries & Cruz RAW

Currently you can download files in two formats. Windows Media and H264 MP4. After February, 2018, New videos released will only by in MP4 format. Windows Media will be retired.

The Windows Media Player come in 3 sizes. Small (320x180) Medium (640x360) and Large (1024x576)

MP4 H264 has become the universal format for most users. The MP4 format comes in Small (320x180) Medium (640x360) and Large (1024x576), and Low HD (1280x720) and soon Full HD (1920x1080 often called 1080p)

Streaming PC/Mac

The site first tries to use Flash to stream the MP4 file via Flash Player. It is recommended you update your Flash player often! If the site does not detect Flash, for example a mobile device that doesn't support it, it will load the MP4 file in an HTML5 player.

The videos are "Adaptive" and you can set the quality to higher or lower based on your connection. Click the HD icon in the player to go from "Auto" to manually select the bit rate you prefer.

Streaming Mobile

Streaming via a mobile device like a phone or tablet can be tricky. You will often need a fast WiFi connection. Streaming over a cellular connection, even 4G LTE, can be frustrating for any video on any site.

Apple devices do not allow for porn related apps and streaming for adult material, so the file is temporarily downloaded to the mobile device cache, and after enough video is received, it begins to play the the MP4 video. While not truly streaming, it is the best that Apple allows us. An HTML5 Player is used to help control the playback.

Most mobile devices will not allow you to directly download and store videos to your phone/tablet as they worry about viruses. If you want to store video on your device, you must download the content to your computer first, use whatever interface you you use to move video to your device, connect your device, and copy over to the appropriate media folder.

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