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About Membership

Bay & Gavin RAW
Payment Processors

Membership to ChaosMen is through CCBill.com and Epoch.com. Both are the most trusted and easy to manage online membership systems. You can join, cancel, and find lost passwords though their sites

You can join by Check or Money Order. Follow the directions at the bottom of the Join Page


Your membership gives you access to all Videos. Most videos are provided in Windows Media Format as well as H264 MP4. DRM is not used on the files, and will play after your membership lapses.

Please, please, please don't share them! I can't bring you more if you pass them all over the net. You paid for the access to these movies, why diminish what you spent by giving it for free to a complete stranger?!

Videos are added 3-4 times a week. Solos normally air on Monday, Wednesday is an Oral theme, while Friday's are sex films. This is not a hard and fast rule, it is Chaos after all. But I am pretty consistent.


Your membership to ChaosMen entitles you to view all the Models Portfolio Photos of a model that is previewed in the public photo areas of the site. Each set will have 30-90 more images.

Sex films also now have high quality photos, as well as the occasional animated GIF.

Image size varies on how old the sets are. Way old stuff is 640pixels on the longest side, Older stuff is 800 on the longest side, and images in the last couple years are at 1024 pixels on the longest side.

Images can also be found in downloadable .zip files, for those members who are 'completists'.

Bonus Videos

Your membership also gives you access to the AEBN feeds. There are up to 56 dvd videos. The quality is not stellar, with the compression at 256k. These feeds are VERY expensive, and if they become too expensive, I may have to abandon it at any given moment.

Bonus content, by its' very nature is meant to be a temporary feature, and in no way guarantees that that content will stay on the site. But for the most part, will likely stay on the site.
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