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Condom Use

Bentley & Vander
All About Condom-Free Content

I actually don't get too many people complaining about the condom-free sex on the site. People want a fantasy or escape, and usually are quite happy to have a visual way to partake in an activity that we all should not normally do casually. I do however get people asking how we handle testing.

So here is an official statement about the content on the site.

This is Entertainment!

If you watch a movie where they blow up a bank, zip-line across the Grand Canyon, or do a 10-mile car chase scene with cars jumping over buses, would you do that in real life? No, I don't think viewers would do any of those things. I think most viewers are smart enough to know the difference between fantasy and reality. Porn is Fantasy.

There will always be people who say that a movie caused someone to do something or act something out, or a video game caused violence. But that tends to be the exception, not the rule. We are ADULTS here. Not young impressionable children.

And yes, this is entertainment! We provide an outlet for you to enjoy in your own home (or work cubicle ~ahem~). A way for you to safely fantasize about having condom-free sex.

In other words. . .

Wear a Condom!

We test aggressively before each and every shoot. If you and your partner are monogamous, or you and your new sex-partner have done thorough testing before full-on sex, then I think many couples might eventually decide to put the condoms away.

But if you are doing random hook-ups, then you HAVE to wear a condom! Period!

Newer Testing Methods!

It surprises me that even the savviest gay guys think that the Old School Antibody test is THE only test out there. When I ask someone about the test they took, they are often not aware which test they had done or that there is even more than one option.

Most people getting tested are using the Antibody test because it is cheap or free, and readily available. You can even do a quick-and-easy mouth swab and have your Antibody results in less than 5 minutes. Since a person may not develop antibodies right away, the window for a false negative is wider. Do this test if your sexual activity is minimal and very safe. There are better tests out there now though.

We use a more accurate testing procedure. It is called an HIV RNA PCR test. It tests for the actual virus. It has a much more accurate window for showing exposure. 3-12 days vs. the Antibody test which can be 2-6 months- though most people will show antibodies in the first 30 days.

It is a much more expensive test, but still widely available. You should have it done if you can afford it. Maybe do this test a couple times a year, and in between, do the Antibody test.

Yes We Test!

Every time we do a shoot, we test. It can add up to $300 for each model to be tested before each shoot. It brings the cost of doing a shoot up to $600-900, depending on the number of models in a scene. It can be like wrangling kittens to get models into the labs, especially after their 5th or 6th time testing, so I am constantly reminding them to get them to get in so they don't miss their shoot. It is one of the many details I track in order to make a shoot happen.

It takes a lot of $20 a month membership fees to cover the cost of one shoot, so do know your money is going towards testing.

Bacterias are VERY common and 80 percent of women do not show symptoms, and 50 percent of men don't, so if you go get tested, PLEASE get yourself checked for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia also. You may not even know you have it. Other STI's tend to be very noticeable and will show dramatic symptoms, but the Bacterias tend to be "silent"- so it is best to check for them too!

The Bacterias are very easy to clear-up, sometimes with a one-day massive dose of antibiotics. Some are becoming antibiotic resistant, so it is important to treat them quickly and aggressively.

NO testing is 100 percent accurate. But it has come a long way and the detection level is high and much much earlier.

In Summary

We test often, using the latest and most accurate testing.

You should wear a condom in your daily sex life, and enjoy the fantasy we create for you.

You should make yourself aware of the latest testing techniques, and you should get tested with these tests as often as you feel appropriate for your sexual activity.


I'm not a doctor, and am not here to give you medical advice! You should consult with your own healthcare provider as things rapidly change! Enjoy the Videos. Play Safe. Get Tested!
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