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About Chaosmen

Kellan & Solomon
Genesis of Team Chaos!

I got started doing ChaosMen because I was one of the first persons to ever 'blog' back before the word blog even existed. In 1998, I created an online 'Fotojournal' where I wrote weekly about being gay and living in Austin, Texas.

It quickly took off, and before I knew it, I had millions of readers checking-in with me weekly. Nowadays, my blog would be lost amongst all the other social media, but I can safely say I was 'first' at doing something on the Internet.

I set up cams all over my house, and much like a porn house, you never knew what you might see. Me showering, sleeping with a boner, or staring at my computer. Just mundane things really.

This was long before Facebook, Blogger, and Myspace. There were no free locations to host this type of content, and my hosting bills were well over $600 a month. I needed a way to pay for this new hobby, so I started taking pictures of my hot male friends. I created a small membership area, with only one photo spread per month. The Internet was quite slow at the time, and you would literally watch images paint slowly across your screen.

Members donated or joined to help keep me afloat. Then I invested that money into making the site better and to have more content. Perhaps one of the first Internet Kickstarter campaigns! Soon I was having weekly photo updates, then eventually, a video here and there.

After seeing some of my video work, a studio in San Diego hired me to come and shoot a video for them. I left my job of 17 years and moved to Southern California. I worked for two years in San Diego, and when my contract was over, I started shooting video full-time for my own site. I missed Texas and wanted to build a studio space where I didnít have to pay Southern California prices. So soon after that, I headed back to Texas.

My Dad and I designed and built the studio space. It fits my needs, and though there might not be a lot of visual variety on the site, you can always count on it to be clear, well-lit, with amazing audio.

Now I do 3-4 updates a week! I used to say I was the only monkey around, but I do have a lot of part-time help these days.

My parents help out with accounting and bookkeeping. My friend Bill acts as a personal assistant. He helps me maintain the house, grocery shop, retouch images, design products, and even makes sure I get one square meal a day. Ransom, who has been with me for 5 years, not only helps me do the oral vids but does help me shoot many of the full-sex videos. I have a part-time editor, who currently edits about 60 percent of the content. I still have a tendency to not be able to delegate, so my team is quite small. It will likely get smaller as piracy continues to be a problem for most studios, especially us little 'boutique' porn studios.

I love this work. It is stressful, and I do still work 18 hour days, 7 days a week. I probably wouldn't know what to do with a free moment!
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