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About Bryan

Bryan Ockert
More than you want to know?

I've done the whole 7-year relationship thing, which was a great growing experience. It ended with me starting all over from scratch, and my blog and ChaosMen was definitely me trying to find my way back from a failed relationship and getting back on my feet. My friends are always trying to get me to date, but I just don't see how that would be possible this late in the game.

I work too much, and I do enjoy being alone. Since I photograph/video naked guys for a living, I am not exactly stellar dating material. Friendships are also hard for me to maintain, a few friends really comprehend how much I work, and tend to fall away quickly. As I said, I keep to myself. I do have a couple very close friends, who understand my drive, and I have found they tend to be cut from the same cloth.

I obviously love my work, but also find great pleasure in chocolate, working out, sci-fi movies, and home improvement projects. I also shop so much that I think an Intervention might be in order. I do not have any expensive habits like smoking, drinking, even dining out is not a budget item. If it comes in a wrapper, I am perfectly fine! Shoes, specifically athletic shoes, are a huge passion, and though I don't have enough to wear a fresh pair every day of the year, I am getting close. Yes, an Intervention might be needed.

I work out at the gym most days, trying to maintain an acceptable weight for someone of my age. Even while at the gym, I spend a lot of time texting models, arranging gigs, so even that couple hours a day is spent juggling the site. Yes, I am one of those annoying gym patrons.

It is likely I won't get a lot of sympathies given the perks of the job, but overall, it is a fantastic career!
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