ChaosMen at BearWolf 2, Oct 15, 2016 at the Iron Bear in Austin
ChaosMen at BearWolf 2 Event @ The Iron Bar, Austin - Oct. 15. 2016
Meet Bryan, Ransom, Vander, Lorenzo and More!


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Booker Solo

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Stats: 27, 5'6", 180, 6" Cut


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Release date: April 2, 2012

Video Number: 1007

I seem to be getting models coming from other studios lately.  What can I say, I'm Green! I Recycle!

I was happy to get "Booker" in as he is super eager to please, has a tight beefy wrestler body, and a willingness to push his limits.

I know he has done video work before, but I always like to get a solo in, just to see how they respond to the way I film, kind of a training session, plus I get to gauge their energy and chemistry.

I really liked working with Booker. He was all sexually charged up, and though he  identifies as straight, I think we both agreed there is a 'Bi' side to him that he has been itching to scratch again.  Plus the money helps!

Stay tuned next week for a Serviced video that gets a little out of hand!

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