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Stats: 24, 5'10", 165, 7" Cut



Stats: 23, 5'11", 130, 10" Uncut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: February 5, 2016

Video Number: 1727

Malik mentioned that he likes to Top when he is having sex with guys in private. His cock is ginormous, but he always seemed to get hardest when he was getting fucked.

He told me if knew he was going to be doing the fucking, he would totally be into it. Now I just had to find someone who could take it.

Cruz said he was up to the challenge, but asked if they could flip-fuck, just in case his eyes were bigger than his hole.

Poor Cruz, after sucking on Malik, he quickly realized what he was up against. But at the same time, you could tell he was totally into servicing a giant cock. He did his best to get as much of it down his throat!

Malik tosses him back on to bed, and then shows him how good he sucks cock. After the shoot, Cruz said that was the best head he ever got on set, and asked to be hooked up with gay guys who knew what they were doing for future pairing. That made Malik feel great!

They 69 for a bit, and then rim each other's holes.

We agreed who was the hardest would top first, so Malik spun around and road Cruz's cock. The two were totally enjoying each other! Cruz gets a little wobbly so Malik slides off and cleans his cock until he is bone hard again. After the cock cleaning, he slides his cock back in him for more riding.

Now it was Cruz's turn to bottom. It only took two tries. Cruz did have an 'ouchie' moment I cut out. He definitely needed a toy to loosen up. But he was determined to get Malik's 10 inches in side of him. Second try he got it in. He is grimacing a bit, but finally relaxes and gets into it.

And what do you know? Malik IS a great Top! He fucks Cruz like a pro, proving he is not just a Bottom! For all you Bottoms who love the extra large cocks, you can put Malik on your radar now!

Malik wanted to cum that way, but admitted he would have to fuck a lot more aggressively than he thought Cruz could handle.

So they flip Malik on his back while Cruz fucks the cum out of Malik. Cruz coats his hole with his load, shoving the remaining squirts inside.

Malik spins around and cleans his cum-soaked cock!


Stats: 27, 5'11", 175, 7" Cut



Stats: 22, 6'4", 220, 8" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: February 3, 2016

Video Number: 1720

This video has TWO facials, ONE guy!

How'd that happen? Watch now, or read on!

I was really happy that Eddie came to the studio, eager to swap oral with a guy. I think it something he truly likes to do with a guy.

And of course Griffin is the master cock sucker on the site. He was pleased to have 8-inches of cock sliding down his throat.

Both guys are hungry for each other's cocks, trying their best to outdo their buddy. Griffin starts by giving him head, but Eddie swaps places and shows us his aggressive cock-sucking skills.

Griffin has him sit down, so he can really attack his cock. He edges him in that position until Eddie wants to fuck his face. Griffin's favorite position! You can tell that Eddie really knows how to fuck based on the way he face-fuck Griffin!

Eddie gets his ass rimmed while he sucks on Griffins cock.

Eddie gives Griffin an amazing open-mouth facial. With cum dripping everywhere, he pulls Griffin's ankles up into the air, and Griffin dumps his own load on his face. See! Two facials, one guy! ;-)

Eddie's cock jumps around as Griffin's cum drops down on to his chin and mouth.

Eddie kisses Griffin, combining both their loads in the sloppy kiss!


Stats: 23, 5'8", 150, 7.5" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: February 1, 2016

Video Number: 1723

Santino has some low hangers! Fans of big swinging balls rejoice!

He is 23, but most think he is 19. Santino is Italian and Lebanese, not sure which side he got his cock and balls from. At about 5'8" his 7.5" cock looks mighty big!

Santino was very nervous about getting on a plane and flying to another state. He was very inquisitive, and I enjoyed his questions and conversation. It's a good thing we do photos first, because he finally got relaxed and confident.

He is definitely into the girls with big asses. He has swapped oral with guys on special occasions. He might have topped too. He knows the phrase "gay for pay" so that is how he defined himself.

Santino is just adorable. He has a hot cock, a nice ass, and again, those balls!

His cum shot is awesome! His load is super white on his tan skin!


Stats: 25, 5'11", 150, 9" Uncut



Stats: 24, 6', 150, 7" Cut



Stats: 22, 5'9", 160, 8.5" Uncut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: January 29, 2016

Video Number: 1717

There is a lot to love about this TagTeam RAW!

Jon starts by servicing both of these Latin, hung, uncut guys. He sucks both their cocks, while they trade a few kisses. But Jon does not sit idly by. He kisses Amador, and then Troi keeps everyone in motion, giving everyone a chance at each other's cocks.

Amador and Troi stand up side by side. Jon does his best to get both cocks in his mouth. He definitely succeeds!

They then all suck on each other in a cock-sucking triangle!

Amador gets Jon doggie-style and begins to rim Jon's hole. Troi rubs his dick near Jon's hole so Amador can rim and suck at the same time!

Amador gets Jon's hole slicked up and slides his cock deep inside Jon. Troi fucks Jon in the face, but then stands and lets Amador suck on his cock while he bangs Jon. Everyone gets to multi-task in this video!

They swap places, and Troi's cock widens Jon's hole as Jon cleans Amador's cock.

They both fuck him on his back. Amador loved getting his ass rimmed by Jon, so he busted a giant load all over Jon's face. Troi pulls out and ramps up to cum. A few globs of cum fly-out before he buries his load deep into Jon!

And at that very moment, Jon busts his own load! Sorry! No close-up of Jon cumming as I was still on the ground filming Troi's cock spasm and unload into Jon! Thank goodness for multiple camera angles!

This is a hot TagTeam and you won't be disappointed!


Stats: 20, 5'9", 150, 7.5" Cut


Luca Rosso

Stats: 27, 5'8", 140, 6" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: January 27, 2016

Video Number: 1713

Oscar showed up a little sad this day. His girl had just broke-up with him, and they were furiously texting each other before the shoot. I was a little worried he would be distracted when it came to do the video. He put the phone up, took a shower, and was ready to play. Even still, he seems very serious in this video.

Despite being able to lick his own cock, he was not ready to suck another guy's cock. I thought that if I had Luca there, with his cock out, that he may actually take the leap and suck him off. But he only stroked Luca's cock for a short period. Though he did show a lot of interest in watching Luca jerk his own cock.

Again, Oscar's cock is hard in seconds, tormenting himself by aggressively rubbing his cock head.

Luca sees how hard he is, so slides down to stroke and suck on Oscar's rod. If you like OutTakes, stay for the ending to see a moment where Luca was sucking a little too well!

Oscar does some dirty talking, and Luca seems to be into it. He gets super hard while Oscar is fucking his face.

Since we had a moment when Oscar might accidently cum to soon, we set Luca up to pull the load out of Oscar. Clearly Luca was going to be able to make Oscar cum. With Oscar coaching him the entire time, it only took a couple minutes to make him bust. "Don't stop! Don't Stop!"

His load spills out of his cock. Luca of course lost his own hard-on while trying so hard to make Oscar cum, so we had to give him a moment to get hard. He bust his load all over Oscar's stomach, adding his own spunk to Oscar's load!


Stats: 22, 6'4", 220, 8" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: January 25, 2016

Video Number: 1719

Eddie is a friendly and outgoing type of guy.

He said he used to be very shy, mainly because he was tall and skinny growing up. He finally started working out hard while eating right, which boosted his self-esteem. At 6'4", the dude has 'presence'.

Eddie was great to talk to and also was professional and detailed oriented. He seemed way more mature than 22. He is finishing up college in the computer arena, and says he is basically a computer geek at heart.

He identifies as Bi, though it sounds like all he has done with guys is to swap oral. And thankfully it wasn't just a drunken moment; he has actively sought out a few hook-ups with guys.

For doing the solo video, I put on a bi sex video, and that seemed to make him happy, though I did have to keep scrubbing the video to the part where the girl gets fucked, and guys swap oral. Definitely saw a pattern with the guy on guy cock-sucking.

Eddie puts on a great show, and his 8" cock spurts out a ton of cum! Live/Cam Chat!

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We will be doing a partial broadcast via Periscope during the first portion of the cam/chat show. Also, I will 'try' to do some random Periscope Behind the Scenes!
Check out ChaosXplained for an archive of Periscope videos.



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