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Stats: 28, 5'9", 170, 8" Cut



Stats: 23, 5'8", 165, 7.5" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: April 17, 2015

Video Number: 1571

Theon is back!

Theon took some time off for knee surgery, so he was super ready to dive back into having sex with dudes. He was never fussy about performing, but needed a break to get his knee worked on, and of course to get back into shape. Though from the sound of it, weeks after the surgery he was back in the gym, in a wheel chair!

Both Brannon and Theon seem to be better at bottoming, so I was a little concerned starting this shoot. I had them set to flip-flop, but Theon seemed to be doing just fine topping, so we ran with it.

They look amazing together, both tan and muscles ripplin'!

So it was nice to see his thick cock back in action, splitting Brannon in two! Brannon can handle a thick one, but on this day it took him some time to adjust to Theon's girth. Lots of 'Ouchie Faces' as he struggles to accommodate his cock! He finally got loosened-up but he was also having one of those days where he would get hard and just want to cum. That was yet another reason we kept him as a bottom. He was worried between takes he would just cum as soon as he got hard and started fucking Theon.

Unlike some of the other guys, once he blows his load, he is down for the count!

Which made it ridiculously easy for the Theon to fuck the cum out of him!

After seeing the major load he busted, I thought it would be hot to see Theon add his own load to it. Theon does his best to nut in a timely manner, but Brannon's load is just starting to dry out when he gets there. Theon adds his own huge load to on top all over Brannon cock and stomach!

I love seeing all that cum coating Brannon's hot body!


Stats: 21, 5'9", 160, 8.5" Uncut


Noah Riley

Stats: 23, 5'7", 140, 6" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: April 15, 2015

Video Number: 1564

In many ways, the beginning of this video feels a bit like Francisco is a typical straight guy about to get serviced by another dude. But he is Bi, and should be comfortable, but he seemed a little tense to start with.

Francisco seemed very focused on the video playing. We found a Bisexual one to watch, and even though his cock was responding he seemed intent on watching the video and was avoiding eye-contact with Noah.

Noah just slides down and starts sucking while Francisco stays tuned to the TV.

But then the video shifts gears as Francisco realizes he is getting an amazing blow job.

And then he is all about sucking Noah's dick. Noah was happy to have his cock sucked, and you can tell Francisco has some experience sucking dick, but he is by no means an expert.

They both 69, but I think Francisco was most turned-on when he was on his knees getting sucked by Noah. Perhaps he was enjoying the view of Noah's amazing ass?

We know Noah is more than happy to take a facial, and I was surprised Francisco was cool with it too. So they both give each other facials. Noah is up first to get his face splattered and for once he didn't get it in his eye. He laps up a thick creaming load from Francisco's long uncut cock!

Francisco then lies down to get his facial, and literally chokes on the clear load that pumps out of Noah's dick. I think some of it went down the back of his throat the wrong way, so there is a little gagging, but he recovers nicely!

If you like spending a day at the spa getting facials, this video is for you!


Stats: 25, 5'8", 150, 8.5" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: April 13, 2015

Video Number: 1566

Steven is a former Marine who seems like he might be questioning his sexuality. He was pretty concerned his friends might find out about this, but seemed ready to take the leap and try something with a guy.

He is definitely into girls, but he is curious about guys, and for most of the photos and video he watched hot brunette girls getting banged. But when it came time to actually nut, we had to find just the right guys to shoot his load with.

Turns out he likes twinks! Mostly feminine, hairless guys, so perhaps he isn't veering too far off the beaten female path. But seeing a cock slide in and out of a dude's hole got him over the top!

His activities with guys seem fairly limited. Actually even his interactions with women seemed fairly limited. To me, and this is my own opinion, it felt like he was on the fence on either, so never really taken the full initiative to explore either.

Steven has a long lean cock that he pretty much stays on the head when he strokes. His body and grooming style is still all Marine. I did wait a bit for him to grow his pubes back from completely bald. As usual, it was torture for these guys to do this.

His load this day was not very big, but you can tell it was intense!

Next week he swaps oral with Glenn, and though it was shot the following day, his balls spill a lot more jizz on Glenn's face that day! So stay tuned!


Stats: 24, 5'11", 150, 9" Uncut



Stats: 23, 6'1", 160, 7" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: April 10, 2015

Video Number: 1570

Bryon still amazes me that he seems to be another guy who keeps cumming multiple times during a shoot. Jet is of course the record holder with 7 cum shots in a scene with Vander, but Byron can nut in rapid succession as well.

Byron is very quiet and passive, and though not great at cock sucking (sorry guys!), he still seems to really like getting fucked. It keeps triggering his prostate to nut. He will often just not play with his cock to avoid nutting.

On the hand, Troi's cock sucking has greatly improved! Still slobbery, but he gets Byron's cock from wilted to bone hard a couple times and really throws a lot of energy into pleasing his partner. Someone has been practicing!

But the real action starts with Troi making Byron cum multiple times. With Troi's ample cock, it hits all of Byron's right spots!

They start by fucking doggy-style and you really can't see Byron's cock. I thought he was just pushing through the pain of an initial insert, but turns out he was hard and just not playing with his cock for fear of nutting.

We stopped and took some pics and I figured we could do some spooning next. Byron confessed he was going to have to nut soon, and just get the first one over with.

So they get to spooning and Troi really shows-off his ability to multi-task. He hammers his hole while jerking Byron's cock. Patting his head while rubbing his tummy so to speak.

Byron has a look of fear on his face just before he is going to cum, looking squarely at me to make sure it was ok to cum, I gave a thumbs up, and he finally relaxes and lets Troi jerk his cock till he cums. Love seeing the orgasm wash over him!

It is the biggest load of the scene. What I think is hot, is Troi keeps on fucking him and you can tell that Byron needs a break, but Troi is not done using his hole! Bryon finally wilts and Troi pulls him to the side of the bed to really get his fuck on. That gives Byron a chance to recover.

And then Byron cums again! This time only a tiny bit comes out, but you can tell he has a full orgasm. Then, about 2 minutes later, he cums again! Makes you wonder just how good Troi's cock feels inside ya!

At this point, Byron was out of the game. Spent and sore!

So, Troi ramps-up and breeds Bryon's hole. He then crawls over Byron and makes his clean his cock off!

I may have to put Byron and Jet together and see who can make the other cum the most!


Stats: 24, 6', 150, 7" Cut



Stats: 30, 5'9", 175, 8.5" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: April 8, 2015

Video Number: 1561

Jon mentioned fisting in his solo interview, so let me start by saying that no fisting is happening in this video! Sorry fans of donkey punching!

There is however, a lot of toy play!

Jon starts off on his knees, worshiping Vander's cock. The boy can deep throat, and swallows Vander completely!

Vander takes a turn at sucking on Jon, but he is pretty wobbly until Vander slides a toy in his ass. Yep! He is a bottom!

Vander also brought his puppy dog tail butt plug. Apparently pup play is all the rage for piggy bottoms these days! If you have not checked out Vander's model portfolio, you should go have a look at the fun images I took with him and his leather harness.

For this video, Jon slides it in and out of Vander, making him really squirm each time the thick part of the plug goes in! They take turns fucking each other with the toys while giving each other head.

For the big finale, they also take turns giving each other facials and some hot cum eating!


Stats: 21, 5'9", 160, 8.5" Uncut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: April 6, 2015

Video Number: 1563

Francisco is a Bi guy. He seems pretty much split down the middle on which he likes. Though for the solo he watched straight porn, but he seems comfortable with both sexes.

He is a furry guy too. His body hair is pretty thick, though his pubes were fairly trimmed. He has a long 8.5" uncut cock. He slides his foreskin up around his head with a firm grip.

He said he was not nervous to do the solo, but he does look around a bit while jerking. Turns out he was very close to cumming throughout most of the video. Which is nice because he has to slow down his jerking which gives us a nice look at his cock.

Francisco he has a very furry hole, and he does a great job spreading his cheeks so we can get a good look at it.

His cum shot was quick too. I barely got out of frame as I was setting up. Dude was super ready to bust!


Javier Iglesias
Devin Dixon

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