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Stats: 27, 5'9", 160, 7.5" Cut



Stats: 24, 6'2", 170, 7" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: March 27, 2015

Video Number: 1565

Well I finally did it! Got Pax to suck some cock! It really wasn't a major undertaking, but he was worried that he might gag, or worse, do a bad job.

He does just fine. You can clearly see he is not used to it, despite having had interaction with a guy on his own time. You might remember they were very lopsided encounters with a twink, who he would fuck and get blown by.

Wren sucks Pax next, and you can tell he is a bit surprised at how big Pax is. Though I don't think he was intimidated. He has been with some pretty big guys before after all.

The boys even get some 69 action in before Pax slides his cock into Wren's eager hole. Pax's cock just never wilts, and even Wren's cock, as usual, loves the anal stimulation. They switch to a spooning position, which is hard to do, but we get to pretty much see all the action.

For the cum shot, Pax hammer's Wren while he is doggy style. He milks his cock as Pax relentlessly fucks him.

Pax jerks his cock for a bit, then pretty much dumps his entire load into Wren!

Noah Riley

Stats: 23, 5'7", 140, 6" Cut


Javier Iglesias

Stats: 22, 5'6", 155, 7.5" Uncut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: March 25, 2015

Video Number: 1547

Javier was really looking forward to getting his cock sucked by a dude. It was refreshing to have someone eager to get in there with no nerves, other than the excitement of being fully serviced. Javier has had guy-guy experience before, and he believes the stereotype that gay guys give the best head, so he highly anticipated this scene.

And Noah does not fail to impress! He did have a cold the week before, so still had a few sniffles, and was struggling to be throat fucked, but he got Javier's cock all the way down his throat many times, impressing Javier!

On a mundane note, everyone but me had a cough. Ransom, Javier and Noah were all on set with lingering coughs from something that was racing around at the time. But once the excitement of filming started, everyone just got lost in the moment. Coughing is actually my worst nightmare during production. If I or anyone else has one, it's nerve-wracking to film while stifling them back.

But the most you hear from Noah is some sniffling, (and a deeper voice), but I think the guys tend to sniff a lot during a blow job anyway. And now thatís all you will focus on! Sorry! I guess my point is, I thought we were all going to have problems, but this was a really fun and smooth video to shoot.

So despite all the behind-the-scenes nonsense, this video is really hot! Clearly you can see Javier is ready to kick back and be serviced. Noah was happy to have a big 'ole uncut cock in front of him, one that he didn't have to work so hard to keep up. He got to really play with it, and revel in its uncut goodness!

One thing I have noticing about Noah is, he really can cum in sync with his scene partner. The other guy can cum first, then I can rely on Noah just busting a minute later. I am sure many of you notice a slight disconnect between cum shots, but Noah never struggles. First guy cums, I pan down, and boom, Noah is busting!

Despite not really having a chance to play much with his own cock to stay close to cumming, Noah pulls the load out of himself with Javier's cum dripping into his nose!

Javier has a great time in this video. He smiles a lot, and just looks like he is having an awesome adventure!


Stats: 26, 5'9", 150, 6" Cut


Devin Dixon

Stats: 27, 5'6", 140, 8" Uncut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: March 23, 2015

Video Number: 1568

Like most magazines (that have gone the way of 8 track cassettes, porn to follow?) I tend to shoot 2-3 months in advance. I never know if I will have enough guys to keep the site up and running with a steady stream of at least 3 videos a week.

So this video was shot the day before Christmas, as evidenced by the Christmas tree in the background. I am not a big fan of holiday themed porn. Even the Monster Cock week around Halloween are 'Holiday Neutral'. I always think it is strange if you are re-watching a video in July and the video has some sort of theme that is not even close to the current date.

But I had Devin Dixon in town, and Maximilian called me up saying he had become a bit more comfortable with the guy on guy thing. His girlfriend was going to be out of town (actually ex-gf as they had broken-up a month earlier, but were still living together), and that he could shoot a Peep video at his place.

At first I was going to set this video up as him playing with some toys alone, but with Devin in town, and wanting some Holiday money, I set the two of them up to do a POV video together.

Peep videos are 'at home' self-filmed amateur videos that I try to put a ChaosMen 3-Camera twist on to help smooth over the rough patches.

With Maximilian being very passive and inexperienced, while Devin has a ton of experience, I put Devin in charge. Boy! Did he take charge!

Lots of great POV action in this. Some toy play, lots of stroking and sucking. Devin cums twice, while Maximilian barely nuts. But overall, if you love the "There" or POV themed type videos, this one will take you right There, but also give you a top down view of all the action!


Stats: 26, 5'11", 175, 8" Cut



Stats: 29, 5'9", 175, 8.5" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: March 20, 2015

Video Number: 1559

Corban is a completely different dude in this video!

He was fairly closeted when he did his solo/oral video, and would not even suck Jonas, despite him playing with guys in his private life. It was just 'too gay'. He was married at the time, and not Out to any friends. Well that changed, and now he is a way more open. Corban has a new dude in his life and has the family situation in hand. This is an all new Corban!

And boy does he ever let go in this video! What a change! It is raw sex energy unleashed! Seriously, go back and watch his Serviced video with Jonas and compare it to this one. He is downright voracious in this one!

And Vander was surprised too! He had watched his Serviced video also, and was expecting someone to be a reluctant performer. Instead he had a dude hungry for cock! Vander was in total bliss during this video, matching him in energy and cock size!

Corban had a few surprises too. He has always had to fuck guys slow and gentle, and when Vander told him that he literally could not fuck him hard enough, Corban works up a major sweat pounding Vander's hole! He could not believe he was able to fuck so aggressively!

The only issue was getting Corban to cum. Even though he says he is a Total top, it turns out has been getting fucked and really liking it. Vander unloads, so there was no way he was going to fuck him, so we insert out trusty butt plug, and let Corban stroke his cock while sucking on Vander's spent cock. I left the insert in as kind of an OutTake.

Despite this issue, which I think is actually hot, this video will likely go down as many viewers favorite video!


Stats: 19, 5'11", 185, 9" Cut



Stats: 26, 5'11", 175, 7" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: March 18, 2015

Video Number: 1554

Aidan and Griffin fit together like two puzzle pieces! In this case, one puzzle piece has a giant protruding knob, while the other one has a hole with no gag reflex!

This is Aidan's moment to shine, but Griffin keeps pace and gets as good as Aidan gives!

Aidan is a little nervous at first, but once he sees Griffin can handle his cock, he ramps it up and just goes to town face-fucking him. First half of the video, Griffin is doing all the sword-swallowing, then the second half, Aidan realizes he can fuck his face like a pussy, and just pummels him balls deep!

The hottest part is when he grabs and locks Griffin's arms behind him while he lays on his stomach, literally using him as a fuck toy!

Seriously! This is some stellar and unforgettable action! I have no idea how Griffin does it!

Aidan uses both hands to nut, and unloads all over Griffin's face and mouth. He could fit a third hand on that rod and still have room for an extra thumb!

Aidan has some experience, but clearly was not ready to suck cock, I thought I would have Griffin bust his load on his chest. He looks a little unhappy about it, but then Griffin cleans up with his mouth and starts cum kissing him!

Javier Iglesias

Stats: 22, 5'6", 155, 7.5" Uncut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: March 16, 2015

Video Number: 1546

Javier is a bi guy, who was has a small family, so he was looking for creative ways to bring in extra money. He has a warehouse job driving biq equipment, which ironically he is packing some big equipment himself!

Javier listed his cock at 7.7 inches long, so I rounded down, though after reviewing his images, I should have rounded up!

He seems mostly into girls, but he said he was about 65% straight, and has been keeping his guy-on-guy action on the down low. I think Javier may be tilting a bit more to the guys, but for the videos, he stuck to some big bottomed girls.

Despite his big cock, you can tell he likes to have his ass played with. That surprised me as he took control of the solo, and put on a premium show, including shoving 2-3 fingers into his hole. He does like to top guys, but has also learned getting fucked makes the orgasm way more intense.

I quickly grabbed the trusty vibrating butt-plug, and he had in in him in not time. Have his prostate vibrated put him over the top, as takes a two-handed approach to shooting his load.

It's a fun, playful, but sexy solo! Enjoy!


Javier Iglesias
Devin Dixon

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