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Stats: 19, 5'8", 140, 6" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: January 16, 2017

Video Number: 1886

Rebel was very comfortable stripping since he has done it before. He likes 'cougar' type women from 30 all the way up to the age of 50. He has had a few guys suck him off, but it sounds like he has not returned the favor. Likely happened when he was dancing?

He strips down to a jock strap that he wore when he used to strip, giving us a nice view of his back door.

Once he starts jerking-off, he quickly gets his cock hard, and takes his time to show-off his stiff rod.

This blond dude has hairless ass cheeks, with a touch of blond hair around his hole. It definitely looks like it needs to be fucked, but not sure he will go that far.

He is down for oral, so stay tuned next week for that!

Sean Peyton

Stats: 24, 5'10", 145, 7" Cut



Stats: 22, 5'6", 145, 7" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: January 13, 2017

Video Number: 1889

Wow! Another Serviced video that got out of control!

During his solo, Easton stated he had mostly been a Top, but now considered himself versatile. But with Bottom Boy Sean in the room, he definitely gave off some serious Top vibes.

The chemistry was instant as they make-out and get each other's clothes off. Ohhhh, you can tell this is going to be good!

Before Sean can even suck on Easton's cock, Easton has him bent over so he can rim Sean's hairy hole. He dives in deep, licking and lapping between his spread cheeks. Clearly Easton loves to eat ass, and Sean loved it.

After that, Easton makes him suck his cock. For a little guy, Easton sure has a whopper of cock! Sean does his best to deep throat him, but with Easton upright he can only get so much down his throat. He gets Easton on his back for some proper servicing. Gulp! Watching Easton writhe around as Sean licks his head is an amazing thing to watch!

Sean spins around and sits on Easton's face, continuing to suck on his cock. Easton is thrilled by being able to eat ass and have his cock serviced. Eventually they both end up sucking each other's cock, and they both go balls deep at the same time, deep throating each other in unison!

Sean climbs back around to kiss him, rubbing his cock along his own ass.

And that's when things got crazy!

Sean slides Easton's cock in and the two just start fucking like horny beasts! Sean rides his cock, and then Easton tosses him to his side and fucks him hard.

You can tell by the camera work I am just chasing them around, trying to get my cameras in at awkward angles. But they were totally in the moment, barely listening to my directions to let me see what is going on.

Easton gets him doggie-style and really hammers his ass!

After that, I kind of stepped in and tried to bring it back to the oral video. Yeah I know, it could have been a great creampie ending, but many of us love watching guys eat each other's loads too!

You may also notice there is no HiRes images of the fucking action. Well, thatís because the two just started fucking, and then next thing you know the guys are busting their nuts.

Sean jerks and sucks Easton's cock until cum is flying out everywhere. It is a powerful orgasm that will only make you envious when you see Easton's reaction! POWERFUL!

Like a pro, Sean quickly busts a load, giving Easton a chance to suck the remaining cum from cock.

I left in Sean's reaction after the two cumshots. He has this great expression on his face like, "Well, how'd you like that!?"

Well played Sean! Well played!

Zak Fit

Stats: 29, 5'6", 168, 7" Cut



Stats: 51, 5'8", 160, 6" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: January 11, 2017

Video Number: 1897

Zak Fit's scene partner missed his flight, and just gave up and went home, emailing me hours before the shoot he wasn't coming. Grrrrr!

I hated to send Zak home empty handed, and with many of you requesting more Edge videos, I got him roped up in the Edge chair.

This is my favorite kind of Edge video. At least a half dozen times I had to stop or risk him cumming too soon. He truly is being Edged throughout this video.

We stopped to do some of the extra play, and I focused on training his ass to be fucked. Zak has a thick cock perfect for Topping, but he has used a toy on himself, but is reluctant to give up control to someone else fucking him.

Based on this video, he should be good to try bottoming his next video.

After that break, it was a little harder to pull the load out of him, but I jerked him until he has a powerful orgasm!

Kyle Parker

Stats: 23, 5'11", 185, 6" Cut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: January 9, 2017

Video Number: 1890

When I talk to Travis or my friends that help out, we often have a debate about what famous person a model looks like or reminds us of.

I immediately though of Christopher Reeves, and Kyle wears glasses, which added a little Clark Kent to his vibe. But it wasn't just his face and hair style, but his deep voice also reminded me of the actor. What do you guys think?

Kyle is 23, straight but open-minded, and has been working out hard on his body the last couple years. He is down to mess around with a guy, and says it will be his first time. Though he has had one girl play with his ass, and that lead him to believe he might be fine with getting fucked.

He was actually not very confident he could get hard, or even cum. I was worried his attitude might become a self-fulfilling prophecy, but thankfully, no problems.

He has done live cam before, so Kyle was great playing to the cameras.

Kyle gets hard easiest standing. After he takes his clothes off, he works his cock until it is fully hard.

He had no issues staying hard for the rest of the video, maybe getting a little wobbly when he shows-off his ass. But he is definitely not camera shy.

Also one of his strengths is cumming while standing. Many guys sit or lay down while they jack-off, so standing while ejaculating has been a skill I see less and less of these days.

And that's just what he does. He tosses down a towel so we can see him cum on a dark surface, and with very little effort, bust a load. He says he likes to imagine cumming on a girls face, and leaning over them is perfect for getting off.

Let's see if we can get him to put that skill to use next week!


Stats: 22, 5'8", 165, 7" Uncut



Stats: 23, 5'9", 160, 8.5" Uncut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: January 6, 2017

Video Number: 1896

I have been trying to find Daniel a hot Latin or African America guys since they turn him on so much.

But again, he is so passive that he usually closes his eyes, tilts his head, and gets lost in the feeling of getting fucked. He loves servicing Amador, but with so little eye contact, you might think he is just not in to it. Oh, he is!

I do try to encourage him to make some noise and step out of his headspace, but he just loves the feeling of getting fucked.

Daniel tends to not jerk-off much while getting fucked, often saying he is too close to cumming. He sure is turned-on, only jerking his cock occasionally to keep hard.

Amador is a bossy guy, and really puts Daniel through his paces.

Since Daniel is always about to cum, I thought I would challenge him to see just how close he truly is.

Some of the Bottoms out there may think that standing while bouncing up on a cock is an acquired or advanced skill. Many prefer just laying on their back, or even doggie-style, so they can be comfortable while hammering their own cock.

Daniel was standing and repeatedly bashing his ass onto Amador's cock while Amador sat back and enjoyed having his cock ass-rammed. Amador would reach around and stroke Daniel's cock, getting him closer and closer.

While getting an intense quad workout, Daniel easily blows his load while basically doing squats on Amador's cock. Not exactly impossible, but it is a tricky maneuver!

They switch things up so Daniel makes a platter of his ass. Amador coats his ass and his hole with thick ropes of cum. He even manages to dip his cock in, giving him an amazing creampie!


Stats: 25, 5'5", 135, 8" Uncut



Stats: 29, 5'10", 160, 7" Uncut


Summary (click to expand/shrink)

Release date: January 4, 2017

Video Number: 1884

Joss was not nervous about doing this video, and boy is he intent on watching Teo stroke his cock! Perhaps this is something he has been waiting to do for a long time?

His eyes stayed glued to Teo's cock, and even when he cums he is just transfixed on Teo's stroking action.

Joss's cock sucking is incredibly enthusiastic too! While energetic, there is a little bit of teeth action for poor Teo who goes from ecstasy to, 'Hey! Teeth!' But wow! He just hungrily went at it, and he loved rimming around Teo's foreskin.

They try docking their cocks, and it actually looked better in the photos. So if you like that imagery, pay attention to the hi-res photos for some hot docking shots.

As I said previously, Joss needed no straight porn in order to bust his load all over Teo's face. It will be interesting to see what team Joss ends up deciding to play for!



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